Tom Glavine ‘Banged Up’ in Automobile Accident

ESPN – Glavine ‘banged up’ in automobile accident

New York Mets pitcher Tom Glavine was involved in an automobile accident Tuesday while going from LaGuardia Airport to nearby Shea Stadium in a taxi cab. The accident occurred at about 2:15 p.m., Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz said. Glavine was still hospitalized as of late afternoon.

Glavine was “banged up” and taken to a hospital, according to Horwitz. He said the injuries were not life-threatening but was not more specific.

The Mets were off Monday and Glavine spent the day in Atlanta, Horwitz said.

Hopefully, this isn’t anything serious, either from a health or career perspective.

It’s interesting that Glavine still spends his days off in Atlanta even though he’s well into his second season with the Mets. The negotiations that led to him not re-signing with the Braves were somewhat bitter and, frankly, rather confusing. It’s rather clear that both sides would have preferred to continue on together.

Update (2301): ESPN – Not life-threatening, but Glavine to miss start

Mets pitcher Tom Glavine lost his two front upper teeth in an automobile accident Tuesday while going from LaGuardia Airport to nearby Shea Stadium in a taxi cab. Glavine also got stitches for a cut lower lip. He was to be released from a hospital Tuesday night and miss his scheduled start Wednesday night against Houston.

Ugh. Well, it could have been much worse, obviously.

Growing up in Massachusetts, Glavine was a two-sport prep star and was picked by the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings in the fourth round of the 1984 draft. Once asked why he picked baseball over hockey, he joked, “I had all my own teeth and I wanted to keep it that way.”

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  1. BigFire says:

    Glavine still lives in Atlanta (or one of its neighborhood). He’ve been living there for over 10 years, why let a relocation of job to another city force relocate his entire family? Especially since he can actually afford to fly during the off days. Considered what he has in Atlanta, New York for the same price is a whole lot smaller.

  2. James Joyner says:

    He’s apparently also got a house in Connecticut. And, shoot, most people move when the breadwinner takes a job in another city–and they’re not getting millions of bucks a year.

  3. Tom says:

    As a native New Yorker living in the south, I fully understand why Tom is not moving his family back up north.

    The quality of life in Atlanta is far superior down here, and when you take into account how rude and rabid the fans in New York can be, his family will be both safer and happier down here if his performance on the field was to suffer.