Anna Benson: Playboy Talks Led to Mets Trade Attempt

Anna Benson thinks the Mets are trying to trade her husband Kris because of her negotiations to pose nude for Playboy.

Anna: Talks with Playboy may have led to trade talk (ESPN)

The wife of pitcher Kris Benson criticized the Mets for attempting to trade the right-hander in part because of her negotiations to pose nude for Playboy, the New York Daily News reported on its Web site on Monday. “We would never, ever have signed with New York if they had said they were going to trade us,” Anna Benson told the paper. “I was Miss [Politically Correct] for the Mets the entire time I was there. “I have no deal with Playboy,” she added.

Before the 2005 season began, the Mets signed Kris Benson to a three-year, $22.5 million deal after acquiring him from the Pirates in July 2004.

Her definition of “political correctness” differs somewhat from mine, which would not, for example, include a media promise to have sex with the entire Mets clubhouse if she caught her husband cheating on her.

Deadspin adds:

Photo: All right, so yes, she is attractive, though she’s starting to veer a little close to that, “OK, we get it, you’re hot, please stop it now,†territory. Mets wife lady Anna Benson is piping up again, this time to blast the Mets for considering trading her man. The reason for the trade talks, she says? Her decision to pose for Playboy. (Ultimately, negotiations for the photo shoot fell apart over money; we’re guessing she wouldn’t pay them enough.)

This, of course, makes perfect sense, the Mets trading away someone because of the assuredly wretched publicity it would receive for a players’ wife posting nude. We full expect a statement from Anna next week saying that Willie Randolph took Benson out in the sixth inning when he had plenty left because of her upcoming appearance on VH-1’s “The Fabulous Life,†that Benson shoulder troubles stemmed from her impending fragrance line and that the Mets’ late pressing of Benson’s uniform on her appearance on the Howard Stern show on “E!†airing at 11 p.m. weeknights, Eastern/Pacific.

Of course, even paranoids have enemies. Anna’s exploits may be enough of a distraction that trading Kris becomes more attactive. Still, the Mets deny the charge.

From the Daily News:

The bombshell wife of Mets pitcher Kris Benson blew up at the Amazin’s yesterday for trying to trade her husband – and charged her negotiations to pose nude for Playboy were to blame.


The pinup model also blasted the team for signing Carlos Delgado, who she suggested is unpatriotic because he has, in the past, refused to stand for the playing of “God Bless America.” “How are they going to sit there and say it’s so controversial when they sign someone like Delgado, who turns his back on our flag?” Anna Benson said.

Still, posing in her birthday suit would be as American as apple pie, said Benson, who once threatened to sleep with the entire Mets team if she caught her husband cheating. “Playboy is all-American. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Cindy Crawford has posed,” fumed Benson, who once posed topless for Penthouse. “They didn’t turn their back on the flag.”

Mets brass have acknowledged trying to move Kris Benson and his $7.5 million salary, and insiders say management is uncomfortable with the prospect of Anna Benson posing nude for Playboy. But a team spokesman shot down the trade rumors and insisted there would be no ruffled feathers in Flushing over a Playboy pictorial. “We do not make moves based on anything the players’ wives do,” said Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz. “We know she’s trying to build a career for herself and we wish her well.”

Kris Benson, 31, had a so-so first full season with the Amazin’s, going 10-8 with a 4.13 earned run average. But Anna Benson angrily called the Mets out for saying they planned to build the team around him when they inked the free agent to a deal last year. “They wanted [veteran pitcher] Tommy [Glavine] to school him, and then they turn around and trade us?” she asked. “The whole thing is upsetting to everybody.”

The hot-under-the-collar hottie says she’s also angry because the couple came to New York, in part, to help 9/11 charities. Some $1 million in Kris Benson’s contract is earmarked for charitable donations. “We wanted to help the city because of 9/11,” Anna Benson said. “We specifically did it for New York, and then they turn around and trade us? I just don’t understand.”

She’s got a point. I mean, how could the Mets sign a Puerto Rican who’s not a patriotic American and consider trading a mediocre, overpriced pitcher with an annoying wife?

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  1. ICallMasICM says:

    Maybe the fact that her husband won 10 games after signing for $22.5 M has something to do with it? You’ve gotta love these chicks who think that the world revolves around them because they have big tits.

  2. Anderson says:

    You’ve gotta love these chicks who think that the world revolves around them because they have big tits

    Well, it’s probably been working pretty well for her since she was 13, so I can’t blame her too much.

    And they do look like their gravitational field is not entirely negligible. Heck, if I got too close, *I* might be attracted.

  3. LJD says:

    Trade US? Who is US? When was the last time she “suited-up” for a game?

    Maybe “they” will get a deal in Atlanta or Tampa: those “biggies” look like they’re headed south.

  4. Percy says:

    I mean, how could the Mets sign a Puerto Rican who’s not a patriotic American and consider trading a mediocre, overpriced pitcher with an annoying wife?

    If it is about his wife, he could have a case for discrimination based on marital status–which is a protected category under the federal Fair Employment and Housing Act.

  5. Rick DeMent says:

    You’ve gotta love these chicks who think that the world revolves around them because they have big tits

    Well the world pretty much does.

  6. B. Clinton says:

    Did you say something? I can’t stop looking at the picture…

  7. Anderson says:

    “Huge” Hefner? Do you know something we don’t, T-Bird? And I thought it was just the money attracting those Bunnies.

  8. McGehee says:

    If Hefner’s huge, he’s already (been) hung.