Update on Teen Undergoing Alternative Cancer Treatment

I noted earlier that a teen in Virginia wanted to forgo the traditional chemo therapy for his Hodgkin’s disease and opt for an alternative medicine approach. A judge then intervened and ordered Starchild Abraham Cherrix to undergo chemo therapy. Well, now that the two sides have worked out an agreement and Cherrix will be allowed to skip chemo therapy.

Hopefully, Cherrix will be cured, but as I noted these alternative cures are often a death sentence for those who opt for them. The family and social workers for social services arrived at a consent decree where Cherrix would agree to be treated by an oncologist of his choice who was board certified in radiation therapy as well as being interested in alternative treatements.

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Steve Verdon
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  1. madmatt says:

    Just like terri schiavo, govt. thinking they should get to make decisions for people. If the young man was being neglected that is a reason for social services to get involved, but he had the full support of his parents and was manifestly aware of what chemo does to his body having undergone it once before. Just another incident of rethug based compassionate conservatism.

  2. Steven Plunk says:

    Rethug? This seems like bureaucrats at work not something based on a political philosphy or party.

    I guess all the world’s ills can be blamed on rethugs by some people.