VDARE Wants Paul to Embrace his Newsletters

In a year-end fundraisers, VDARE's founder wished Paul had "defened his letters on the basis of truth."

Via Bruce Bartlett’s FB feed I see that Peter Brimelow, founder of VDARE (an anti-immigration foundation and web site) is looking to raise some end-of-year funds, and in so doing, calls out Ron Paul over his newsletters.  However, instead of calling out Paul for the racist, anti-homosexual, anti-semitic, and conspiratorial nature of the documents, Brimelow thinks:

I believe that Dr. Paul would have been better advised to have stood his ground and defended his letters on the basis of truth.

I must confess, this doesn’t change my views of VDARE (which I already considered a racist organization).  One can read Brimelow’s missive to masses and decode it as one  sees fit.  At a minimum, this rather confirms the rancid nature of the newsletters and also confirms the type of mindset to which they were oriented:

However, this would run into a fundamental problem: no language now exists in which to describe the dispossession of the historic American nation, through immigration policy but also through the attendant and not coincidental institutionalization of Cultural Marxism, can be discussed.

There has never been anything like the anti-“racism” witch-hunt that has increasingly paralyzed political debate since World War II. The much-denounced episode of anti-communist “McCarthyism” lasted less than ten years—and anyway there really were Soviet spies.

At VDARE.com, we are developing that language. It involves risks. That’s why we are listed as a “hate group” by the $outhern Poverty Law Center.

But it has to be done.

There is a high cost to this. It is increasingly clear that VDARE.com and its writers are ostracized by the MSM.

Gee, I can’t imagine why.  (Of course, apart from Brimelow, who used to work for Forbes, I think one has to first be taken seriously before one can be ostracized).

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  1. DRS says:

    Shouldn’t that be “dispossession of the hysteric American nation”?

  2. Andyman says:

    Speaking of the dispossession of the historic American nation, it’s the anniversary of the Treaty of New Echota.

  3. de stijl says:

    VDARE (an anti-immigration foundation and web site)

    VDARE is Stormfront with a tweed jacket – the CCC to Stormfront’s KKK.

    Don’t let their relative mastery of English fool you into thinking that it is nothing but unadulterated White Power crap with the veneer of Steve Sailer’s patented brand of winking (sometimes blatant) racism.

    VDARE is for Virginia Dare – the first white child born in America.

  4. @de stijl:

    unadulterated White Power crap


  5. Jim Henley says:

    @de stijl: See if you’re still laughing when lazy immigrants on welfare steal your job by working harder than you cheaper!

  6. LaurenceB says:

    @Jim Henley

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever bothered to hit that silly “thumbs up” button.

    I’m still chuckling. I can’t stop.

  7. Jim Henley says:

    Aw. <g>

  8. mrbill says:

    Enoch Powell was right….and the Brits are wondering why they didn’t follow his lead now….

    …their Muslim thingy doesn’t seem to be working out quite as the multi-cultis promoted