Washington Nationals Caps Become Collectors’ Items

Nationals Caps Become Collectors’ Items (AJC)

Washington Nationals caps are becoming a collectors item For a team that has suspended much of its operations, the Washington Nationals were a brisk source of commerce Thursday — at least in sporting good stores. Caps in pink, red and blue and other Nationals merchandise accounted for an above-average take of about $3,000 at City Sports, where customers hedged their bets over whether their haul might someday be valuable. “I think it’s a good souvenir in case the team goes the way of the Edsel,” said Brent Miller of Arlington, Va., who bought two hats bearing the team’s curly “W” insignia.


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  1. Jeff says:

    I got a shirt up that way over Thanksgiving. None of the stores I hit in DC or Baltimore had any fitted hats though (and I have trouble finding one to fit most of the time) so I had been waiting to order one online.

  2. James Joyner says:

    Interesting. I’ve noticed in the last few months that most caps now are elasticized rather than having the stupid plastic snap on them. They’re one-size-fits-all but they look like fitted caps.

  3. Mark says:

    Too bad President Bush cannot run again. The hat is a natural for his volunteers.

  4. dw says:

    James, the 3930 is the one with the elastic. It’s primarily a “batting practice hat.” Why the hell you need a batting practice hat that’s different from your game cap is beyond me, but it’s actually pretty cool. I have an M’s BP hat; when I go from long-winter hair to short-summer hair I no longer have the hat size shift.

  5. Jeff says:

    The elasticized New Era ones are easier to find one that will fit me than the Nike flexfit ones.

    The hair thing definitely matters for those and for the New Era fitted ones. I went from being able to wearing 7&3/4 to 7&7/8 hats when I had a military haircut to having to almost always get an 8 now.

    Of course, the people at CIF at the end of basic training checked to see if I was Regular Army before taking my helmet back in. They said if I had been RA they would’ve sent it along with me to AIT and then on to my first duty station.

    After hearing about all of this, my supply sgt. at my first unit issued me a small pro mask. I never saw a helmet big enough to fit me perfectly again but I got them close enough that I could mess with the permanent straps as well as the removable liner to make it work.