Weblog Awards 2008

The voting in the 2008 Weblog Awards has begun and will continue through January 13. Outside the Beltway is a finalist in the Best Major Blog category. Here are the nominees in that category:

Outside the Beltway
Dark Roasted Blend
cjane enjoy it
The Moderate Voice
Balloon Juice

My own blog, The Glittering Eye, is a finalist in the Best Small Blog category. Please vote for me!

You can vote once in each 24 hour period until voting closes on the 13th in any or all of the categories. Click on the Weblog Awards logo at right to get to the voting area.

There’s a fascinating variety of blogs in this year’s finalists. Check ’em out! You may find a new favorite blog.

UPDATE (James Joyner):  Some excellent competition, albeit some odd pairings.  Not only does InstaPundit get geometrically more traffic than OTB but the current runaway leader is a mommy blog of which I’d never before heard.

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Dave Schuler
About Dave Schuler
Over the years Dave Schuler has worked as a martial arts instructor, a handyman, a musician, a cook, and a translator. He's owned his own company for the last thirty years and has a post-graduate degree in his field. He comes from a family of politicians, teachers, and vaudeville entertainers. All-in-all a pretty good preparation for blogging. He has contributed to OTB since November 2006 but mostly writes at his own blog, The Glittering Eye, which he started in March 2004.


  1. James Joyner says:

    Congrats, Dave: Two nominations!

    “Major Blogs” is a wide swath, indeed, if OTB is in there with InstaPundit and at least three blogs I’ve never heard of.

  2. James Joyner says:

    More amusing: c jane enjoy it, of which I’d never previously heard, is running away with it.

  3. Dave Schuler says:

    My impression of the finalists this year is that they’re a little more representative of the true range of the blogosphere than in prior years. Fewer political blogs, more from the rest of the blogosphere.