Rob Smith, aka Acidman has some interesting thoughts on the Terry Wallis phenomenon:

If something terrible ever happens to me to put me into 19-year coma after which I wake up a quadriplegic, I’ll want to get out of that bed just to KILL whoever kept me there that long. I mean that.

I believe in quality of life more than just breathing. I don’t want to be alive if all I can do is whimper, “milk.”

I can’t say I disagree.

He is also emululating the Six Million Dollar Man, although he’s had different parts replaced and, hopefully, doesn’t go in slow motion. I’m also not sure if Lindsay Wagner is involved in any way, although I hope so.

(Hat tips: InstaPundit, Electric Venom, and WizBang)

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  1. Acidman says:

    Lindsay Wagner is too tall for me. I’m going after the Dixie Chicks. All at once.