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Steven Taylor is about to make the switch and has compiled a handy list of links to various tweaks, plug-ins, and helpful hints.

By all accounts, simply starting a site on WordPress or even importing a relatively bare bones site is a fast and simple do-it-yourself job. If you’re running a Movable Type site with a lot of plug-ins, hacks, and gee whiz features on it (as I was), then I’d recommend spending a few bucks and letting a professional do it for you. Or, if money is tight, do the basic move-over yourself and then pay to have the tweaks done.

There have been a few minor problems that have had to be resolved but, for the most part, the change-over was seamless and virtually invisible to the reader–without loss of any of the functionality that I wanted. The only thing I lost is automatic detection of TrackBacks for outgoing posts, a convenient if unreliable feature in Movable Type.

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  1. Outbound trackbacking should be trivial to add; I coded the necessary stuff (a while ago, mind you) in LSblog in a couple of hours’ work. The main issue to deal with is broken MT templates.

  2. carthik says:

    There is an automatic pingback feature, which does much the same as trackbacks do.

    Talking of professionals, BlogBarter can be a source of help.

    I thought I had all bases covered in the article on Moving from MT to WP that I wrote some time ago.

  3. Attila Girl says:

    Have you noticed that there is now no space between the word “comments” and the opening of the parentheses beside it at the bottom of each post? I had thought perhaps this was a new style, and done on purpose, but the word “Trackbacks” is still followed by a space.

    Thought you’d want to know.