You Are a Moron…

Kosinski: I'm an idiot…when you get caught doing the same thing you tried (and pretty much failed) to accuse somebody else of. Case in point the foolish, and probably ambitious reporter, Michelle Kosinski who yesterday accused Bush and his administration of staging a video-conference with troops in Iraq. Now it turns out that Kosinski was caught staging her own little news stunt.

Today’s timing couldn’t have been worse. A preceding segment focused on the incessant rains and ensuing flooding in the northeast. For days now, beautiful, blonde – and one senses highly ambitious – young reporter Michelle Kosinski has been on the scene for Today in New Jersey, working the story. In an apparent effort to draw attention to herself, in yesterday’s segment she turned up in hip waders, standing thigh-deep in the flood waters.

Taking her act one step further, this morning she appeared on a suburban street . . . paddling a canoe. There was one small problem. Just as the segment came on the air, two men waded in front of Kosinki . . . and the water barely covered their shoe tops! That’s right, Kosinski’s canoe was in no more than four to six inches of water!

An embarrassed Kosinski claimed the water was deeper down the street but that her producers didn’t want to let her go there for fear she’d drift away. But Katie and Matt, perhaps peeved by her attempted scene-stealing, couldn’t resist ribbing her.

Matt: “Are these holy men, perhaps walking on top of the water?â€

“Gee, is your oar hitting ground, Michelle?â€; inquired Katie, as she and Matt dissolved into laughter.

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Steve Verdon
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  1. Sgt Fluffy says:

    Excuse me Ma’am…can I listen to your Boobs?

  2. NJ voter says:

    Man, that does it…

    I’m never voting for Michelle Kosinski for president again!

    (It’s kind of a silly story, no? It deserves a silly rsponse)

  3. Rodney Dill says:

    This staging is and has been widely practiced. If its ignored for one side it should be ignored for both.

    I seem to remember something about Clinton’s people having some trees cut down (somewhere in the west) so the photo op of him signing some environmental bill would have a nice scenic view in the background. This was almost instantly dropped by the MSM.

  4. Kenny says:

    Television reporters … my favorite fictional journalists …

  5. Another priceless Clinton/media staging: that picture of Bill and Hillary dancing oh-so-romantically on a Caribbean beach somewhere. It was released just a few weeks before the Lewinsky Kerfuffle. There was no music while they were dancing, of course. Only the LA Times published the photo at first… then Scott MacLellan managed to draw attention to it in a WH press conference (‘innocently’-heh) so that it would be plastered all over the news.

  6. johnb says:

    Ad hominem rules!

    keep up the good work, guys!

  7. McGehee says:

    Okay, let me see if I understand this: people who insist on being trusted and believed because they’re professionals get caught deliberately trying to mislead you.

    And when we talk about it, that’s ad hominem?

    Either the definition you’ve linked is flawed, or you haven’t read it yourself.

  8. Kent says:

    It’s wonderful that America can find gainful employment for the illiterate, the innumerate, the mendacious, and the feebleminded.

    It’s regrettable that American chooses to employ them in critical professions like broadcast journalism.

  9. Jason says:

    Pretty swallow Michelle. LMAO!

  10. stewy says:

    rove and libby are going to jail! Wee! There is a god!

  11. Herb says:

    She is a reporter, what else would you expect?

    They are so used to lying, they start to beleive it themselves.

  12. Averil says:

    For cartoon characters – watch NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC – oh yes…and Disney.
    For news…..fair and balanced…..yeah that’s right “it’s FOX AND FRIENDS”!!!

  13. Heywood J. says:

    Michelle Kosinski is an idiot, albeit a hot one. I’d bang her brains out, but I’m sure it’s too late for that. She got caught trying to float one past us, and even Olbermann was making fun of that. It’s a rare moment to see a professional journamalist get their comeuppance, so it was great stuff.

    None of that changes the fact that Bush’s PR stunt with the troops was just that — a cheap stunt. The satellite feed with Alison Barber prepping the troops makes that clear. Barber herself using the word “scripted” also makes that clear.

    Hell, just watch the videoconference itself. The pacing, the rhythm of the “back-and-forth”, the rote monotone rectitation of statistics. This wasn’t just the usual problems with satellite delay — this was people trying to stay on script, and it was obvious as all hell.

    Do you doubt that these troops were vetted and prepped before being allowed to participate? Do you seriously think any of this was the least bit spontaneous? Do you think that a soldier that had something to say that was off-message would have been allowed to tell his side? Was this the best way to find out what’s “really” going on, and communicate that effectively to the American people?

    Does any of that have a goddamned thing to do with Michelle Kosinski, or is this just another excuse to say that Clinton and Algore did it too so there? At least they were using trees and canoes as props, not American soldiers.

  14. Mike Magner says:

    Heywood J, I will not argue with your point that the news conference with the soldiers was staged.

    However, as a reservist that is training to go to Iraq, and as a brother of a soldier that has been there and a brother-in-law of another soldier that has been there, I can tell you that the media does not pursue interviews with soldiers that support the war or the President.

    If you are a soldier and you want media coverage, forget about valor in combat. The best way is go AWOL, denounce your country and your president or torture a prisoner and get caught. My brother-in-law was part of an elite squad that was responsible for capturing insurgents in Tikrit during most of 2004. During that time, Tikrit rarely made the news. Why? Because there were very few bombings or insurgent attacks there during that time.

    Unless its bad news, the media won’t cover it. That’s why it takes a Presidential Act to allow the American people to see REAL soldiers on TV.