10 Easy Steps to Success in Afghanistan

Christian Bleuer provides a 10-step solution for victory over the Taliban.

Christian Bleuer condenses today’s A1 WaPo story “U.S. eager to replicate Afghan villagers’ successful revolt against Taliban” into ten easy steps:

1. Get Taliban to be jerks to locals.
2. Get Taliban to kill some locals.
3. Get Taliban to try to extort $24K from locals.
4. Get Taliban to kidnap some angry dude’s family.
5. Special Forces with ZZ Top beards.
6. Get locals to go crazy on Taliban.
8. Australians.
9. ?????
10. Profit.

It’s rather obvious, really, once you boil it down.   Then again, Step 9’s a bitch.

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James Joyner
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  1. No. 9 is obviously Underpants Gnomes:


  2. Brett says:

    That is just incredibly awesome.

    You have to figure that #9 is a secret human sacrifice to His Noodly Appendage.