Wow–somehow, OTB garned mention in this WaPo story on blogging and the war: Rallying Around the Flag Online.

Blogging For War

A powerful component of the pro-war movement is blogs, or online Web logs and diaries. One blog, Outside the Beltway, features a number of stories and postings on the pending war and links to scores of other like-minded blogs, including conservative blogger extraordinaire Andrew Sullivan (www.andrewsullivan.com). A bilingual French and English blog called “The Dissident Frogman” (www.dissidentfrogman.fr.st) supports the war on terrorism and suggests readers fly a virtual “We Support Blair” flag.

Thanks to Scott Ott of ScrappleFace (also mentioned in the piece) for bringing it to my attention.

UPDATE: And thanks to Scott for bringing it to the reporter’s attention, too. He’s the guy at ScrappleFace, in case you missed it. 🙂

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