A Report from the Field (Alabama Primary Edition)

James Joyner notes, with some amazement, that Mitt Romney is currently leading the polling Alabama.  He rightly notes the nature of the three-way race and how that plays into the numbers.

I would also note, as a resident of the state, that Romney’s SuperPac, Restore Our Future, has been spending a ton of money in the state.

I, personally, have received a number of mailings and numerous robocalls.  I have received nothing from the Gingrich or Santorum camps.

My anecdotal evidence is backed by a report from NPR this morning  that noted substantial spending by Restore Our Future in the state of Alabama (I looked, but no link).

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  1. Brian says:

    2 robocalls: 1 Romney ad, slamming Gingrich with what seemed to be a faux Brokaw reading a news report. 1 unnamed one, slamming Romney for flipping on the Tea Party. Why people wanted Alabama to be more important in the primary season…