A Little Confirming Evidence (Facebook Edition)

Earlier today, James offered the following advice:  “Do not broadcast news of your rectal exams, your misdeeds, or negative opinions about your boss on social media sites!”

Thankfully, no rectal exam information, but more or less on the boss front, the AP provides so corroborating evidence:  Waitress fired for griping about tip on Facebook.

A North Carolina waitress is out of a job after griping on her Facebook page about the $5 tip she got from a couple who sat at their table for three hours. The waitress says the customers kept her at work an hour after she was supposed to clock out.


Brixx officials told Johnson a couple of days later that she was being fired because she violated a company policy banning workers from speaking disparagingly about customers and casting the restaurant in a bad light on a social network.

Just goes to show how reading OTB can save you grief.

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