A Tale Of Two Cities

The newly crowned Miss Universe has been deemed too tasteless for an official appearance at Toronto City Hall’s Nathan Phillips Square.

“Activities which degrade men or women through sexual stereotyping, or exploit the bodies of men, women, boys or girls solely for the purpose of attracting attention, are not permitted on Nathan Phillips Square.”


There, says Ms. Reid. Miss Universa non grata.

She can come. But no sash, no tiara.

The big parade ends Gay Pride week which began on June 18th when the Rainbow Flag was raised in Nathan Philips Square in front of City Hall.


More photos of the welcomed parade participants. Not work safe.

(Not lunch safe, for that matter.)

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Kate McMillan
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  1. Jimb says:

    I’m ashamed to be Canadian some days. Not that I am necessarily against the ‘pride’ parade, but the fact that some hypocritical bureaucrat has the audacity to sanction these vile events while vilifying others that, in my mind, are actually more tasteful.

    Obviously a bunch of guys with their shlongs hanging out, women (or men, I’m not sure) with breasts exposed, dancing mostly nude in the streets in front of thousands of onlookers has nothing to do with attention seeking. Let’s have the ‘pride’ parade in December in parkas and mukluks and see how many people give damn. It’s all about attention and spectacle. A bunch of fruits in winterwear, how exciting. Of course you’d have the real winners that would insist on having their genitals exposed in some fashion and would be running down the street in -30 degree weather with a frozen and brittle weenie.

    The fact that this coming from Toronto does not surprise me in the least. In my opinion, either most of it’s leaders may be homosexual or are so feel good inclusive of every decadent, immoral detritus that puts on a parade, or so deathly afraid of losing revenue or support from them, that they can’t say no.

    Whatever one it is, it’s a shame that we can’t ,for a moment, be officially proud of one Canadian girl who was deemed ‘best in the universe’ (and not purely on looks mind you), yet are forced to be proud in something that many find repugnant just in the idea alone, but then are exposed to the ‘festivities’ involving genitals, breasts, and whatever else they choose to share with us ultimately culminating in the raising of their banner at a city hall that has either lost those same genitals, or, in fact, covets them.

  2. Fersboo says:

    National healthcare and restrictions on activities that degrade men or women through sexual stereotyping! We should be more like Canada!

  3. Anderson says:

    Canada is getting just a little too crazy for me; fortunately I had no plans to dwell in the snow anyway.

  4. leelu says:

    Priorities. Out. Of. Whack.

  5. Just Me says:

    Okay the hypocrisy aside, I really don’t understand why gay pride parades consist of (it appears mostly men, although there are some women in there somewhere I am sure) half dressed or not dressed at all. What exactly does that do to further gay issues? How exactly does marching naked/all but naked speak to gay pride?

    Never made any sense to me, and honestly it makes gays look like they are exibitionists and not very normal to non gays not familiar with gays (and I have a best friend who is gay and know several gay people from college, I can’t say that any of them would ever expose themselves in a parade). Makes me wonder where the average gays, like the ones I know are at during these parades.

  6. Rocky3167 says:

    This year marks almost 25 years, I believe, since I became a US citizen and officially an ex-Canadian. Never had second thoughts nor regrets and perhaps some can understand why that is the case when you see such things. Articles like this just confirm the regression of that country back to the Stone Age, whilst they continue to call it progress. Actually, this sort of thing is trifling compared to what happens all the time up there. As for myself, I prefer civilization, believing that we have advanced morally and culturally in the past few thousand years and put our animalistic caveman days behind us. Some think going back to that is somehow being liberal and progressive. God bless America and God help Canada.

  7. LJD says:

    Simple solution:

    Bring the Hottie here. Send all the freaks to Canada to do whatever obsene acts they want.