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I think this blog is misnamed. May I suggest a change to The Bloodhound? Given a whiff of information about possible Sask Wheat Pool involvement in questionable oil-for-food contracts, along with a reference to a company named “Limpex Trading” and look where it takes him….

NIDAL, Abu (a.k.a. AL BANNA, Sabri Khalil Abd Al Qadir);
Founder and Secretary General of ABU NIDAL ORGANIZATION;
DOB May 1937 or 1940;
POB Jaffa, Israel (individual) [SDT]
This person was an infamous terrorist (now believed to have committed suicide in Baghdad), and is blacklisted by the Treasury Department (see the linked sanctions document).


When I did some background research on “Abu Nidal Organization” (ANO), I saw many references to close ties to Iraq, and routing funding through Lebanon. Perhaps a total co- incidence. But it is chilling to find a telephone listing in Montreal for an Albanna that is renting a furnished executive suite, and shares the same name as an executive for a company in Lebanon linked to Oil For Food contracts placed on hold by the US. Very chilling indeed. Scroll down to my earlier posts to see how the dots connect.

As he points out – perhaps it’s just weird coincidence. Nice work, though.

(Helpful blogging tip – it’s more useful to include a list of direct links to earlier referenced posts – surfers who come in to an individual entry page don’t have the ability to “scroll down”. )

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  1. McGehee says:

    Well, Baghdad is where the terrorist Abu Nidal met his end — wasn’t it ruled by the then-regime that he committed suicide by shooting himself multiple times through the head?