The Centrist Fantasy

Can moderate Republicans take back their party?

Fear and Resentment of a Changing America

A revealing comparison of Republican districts that deny and don’t deny the 2020 outcome.

Russia Bombing Civilian Sites Across Ukraine

Putin is committing war crimes in retaliation for an attack on a legitimate military target.

Bernard Shaw, 1940-2022

CNN’s original anchorman is gone at 82.

Trump Tipping Point?

As more details emerge about the documents he stole, defenders are falling away.

U.S. Kills Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda Founder and Leader

A precision drone strike on a balcony in Kabul took out a longtime nemesis.

Democracy Dies in Dumbness

Paywalls are not our problem.

Coffee Makes You Live Longer

Yet another study that confirms my pre-existing biases.

Yet Another School Shooting in America

Alas, it’s unlikely to change the policies that enable them.

Another Example of Primaries in Action

The Ohio GOP Senate contest.

Trump asks Putin for Dirt, Again

It’s okay to ask a war criminal for some political dirt on your opponent, right?

Some Thoughts on “Cancel Culture”

Thomas gets the ball rolling, and I take off from there.

Generals Say Afghan Exit Would Have Been Smoother Had Biden Listened to the Generals

Two unclassified after-action reports shine a new—if one-sided—light on the evacuation.

[Top Secret Clip Art] [Top Secret Clip Art]

Secrecy and Democracy

How do we know when our government is telling us the truth?

US Surpasses 900,000 COVID Deaths

Yet another grim milestone.

The Children Must Be Protected!

But from what? Comparing two stories from Tennessee that show our society’s contradictory impulses when it comes to “protecting the children.”

Stupid 2024 Fantasies

The silly season has commenced a mite early.

Violence Inequality

The safety gap between affluent, white and poor, minority communities has grown over the last three decades.

Sidney Poitier, 1927-2022

A pioneering Black actor is gone at 94.

Nick Kristof Ineligible to Run for Oregon Governor

Apparently, New York and Oregon are not the same place.

Harry Reid, 1939-2021

The longtime Senate leader is gone at 82.

Unilateral Disarmament on Gerrymandering

Democrats and Republicans are playing by different rules.

Battle for the Suburbs

There is a lot of anger out there.

Stu Scheller’s Sideshow

The convicted criminal has taken his shenanigans to court.

Afghan Airlift Tradeoffs

Humanitarian instincts rightly trumped security concerns.

US Retaliates Against ISIL-K

An unsatisfying first(?) response.

Terrorist Strike Hits Afghan Evacuation

Thirteen Marines and dozens of Afghan civilians are dead in a much-anticipated attack.

US Racing to Meet Withdrawal Deadline

The evacuation could soon become a terrorist target.

Sinema’s Filibuster Defense

It’s no better than Joe Manchin’s.

Coffee is (Mostly) Healthy Again

The indicators are pointing in the direction of caffeine being good for most people.

Peru to the Polls

A problematically wide-open election in difficult times.

Biden’s Christianity, Lincoln, and the Truth of Who We Are

Biden’s America is a place and idea in which the trappings of empire or glory are ephemera in comparison with perennial human relationships—families; friendships; communities; schools; neighbors; partners.

The Terrorist In The Mirror

There’s a word for people who use outrageous violence to terrorize.

Police Warned About Nashville Bomber 16 Months Ago

In hindsight, there were more than a few clues.

A Weird Re-election Pitch

Usually candidates don’t talk about how bad things are across the country while appealing to be re-elected.

Kosovo President and Opposition Leader Indicted for War Crimes

A reckoning for 2500 Kosovar Serb civilians who were slaughtered is at hand.

Americans Unhappier—and Happier—Than Ever

Fewer people are very happy and more are not too happy than any time in a longstanding survey.

Biden v. Kavanaugh

And a broader discussion of the ongoing Tara Reade story.

Chelsea Manning Released from Jail

The grand jury was disbanded, so there was no need to continue the coercion tactic.

The Framers Aren’t All They’re Cracked up to Be

The men who gathered in Philadelphia to write the Constitution were geniuses. But they couldn’t predict the future.

Carroll Spinney, The Man Behind Big Bird, Dies At 85

A sad day for those of us who grew up watching Big Bird, Kermit, and the rest of the Muppets.

The Military Has A Suicide Problem

Suicide has become a bigger threat to members of the military and veterans than combat. That needs to change.

LTC Vindman Update

Revisiting a recent post.

Leader Of ISIS Believed Killed In Raid In Syria

There’s apparently big news in the fight against ISIS.

ISIS A Big Winner After Trump’s Retreat

ISIS is quickly taking advantage of the abrupt American withdrawal from northern Syria.

The End of Consensus

A conservative columnist argues the legitimacy of our system is in question.

Trump Impeachment Likely, Removal Thinkable

For the first time, it’s conceivable that Republicans will turn against the President.

Ric Ocasek, Cars Frontman, Dead at 75

Another Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is gone.

Trump Says He Called Off Secret Camp David Meetings With Taliban

President Trump announced late yesterday that he had called off secret meetings with the Taliban. The fact that they were even going to happen reveals yet again what’s wrong with his foreign policy.