Alabama Governor’s Race 2006: Moore v. Riley

Steven Taylor notes that the signs all point to Alabama’s Republican incumbent Governor Bob Riley running for re-election in 2006. His most prominent rival will be ousted Chief Justice Roy Moore, (in)famous for his fight to display the 10 Commandments in various courthouses.

I haven’t seen the polling but I strongly fear Moore will defeat the controversial Riley in the primaries and then go on to an easy win over whichever Democrat wins the nomination. If that happens, it will set Alabama back 30 years in the public estimation and seriously hamper its bids to attract more manufacturing jobs.

Riley did not help matters by springing a wildly unpopular, radical tax redistribution plan on the voters shortly after he came to office. While the plan struck me as a good one, he didn’t even allude to it during his campaign. I simply can’t imagine he would be re-nominated, even if he weren’t facing an incredibly popular figure in Moore.

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James Joyner
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  1. Bithead says:

    I doubt Moore being elected will have that effect.
    The sky isn’t falling, here.

  2. James Joyner says:

    Alabama has been working for decades to shed its image as a bunch of redneck hicks. Having Moore as the face of the state certainly won’t help.

  3. SoloD says:

    Interestingly, the banes of both parties appear to be named Moore – Michael and Roy.

    (And make no mistake, the Democrats would be happy to campaign nationally against Roy as the Republicans did against Michael.)

  4. Bithead says:

    Yes, I’m sure they would.
    Problem with the theory is that Hizzhonor has far more of a following (Or at the least more who are somwhat sympathetic to his stands) nationally, if the last election is of any indication than his Rotundity could ever HOPE to garner.

  5. flaime says:

    he didn’t even elude to it during his campaign
    That should be allude;).

    Do really think that it only set Alabama back 30 years? I’m thinking more like 130 years…The CCC would just love to see a person like Roy Moore controlling a state like Alabama…

  6. Sgt Fluffy says:

    I was a BIG Riley supporter until he and His partner in Educational crime, Paul Hubbert decided to try and rape us. As for Moore, I really lost intrest in him when the “Granndstanding” began and he forced the Taxpayers of Alabama to pay his legal expenses. If Tim James runs in the primaries, I will toss my vote to him this time, he is the only one who makes sense.