Alan Moore to Appear on The Simpsons

Stepping away from politics for a minute, let me highlight a piece of news that people from all political stripes will enjoy: comics legend Alan Moore will be appearing on an episode of The Simpsons:

Moore, aged 53, recorded his lines at The Lodge studios in Abington Square last month for an episode which will be called Husbands and Knives.

The Simpsons’ production team are long-time fans of Moore’s, whose reputation in the world of graphic novels is legendary.

A chance meeting with his fiancée Melinda Gebbie got the project rolling.

Mr Moore said: “Mel was in America promoting our new book The Lost Girls and one of the Simpsons producers spoke to her and asked if I would be in the show.

“She said: ‘Why don’t you give him a ring he’s very approachable’. “I was happy to do it. I’m a big fan of The Simpsons.”

He features in a sub-plot which sees a new ‘cool’ comic shop opening in Springfield in competition with the Android’s Dungeon, run by Comic Book Guy who is voiced by Hank Azaria.

The new shop has persuaded Moore to make a public appearance. In reality, Mr Moore rarely makes publicity appearances, preferring to concentrate on his prolific output of work.

No word as to whether Glycon, the Roman snake god worshipped by Moore, will make an appearance.

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