Alexandra Kerry Overexposed

The press are having a field day with Alexandra Kerry’s choice of attire for the Cannes film festival, a rather translucent black number.

The Sun: It’s Kerry nice to see ya!

THE dishy daughter of US Presidential candidate John Kerry certainly gets our vote.

Brunette Alexandra Kerry left movie fans gasping at the Cannes Film Festival in her daring see-through dress.

Film director Alexandra, 30, showed at least two reasons why Americans should vote her dad into the White House in November.

Democrat Mr Kerry is hoping for a good showing at the polls. His girl is content with just a good showing.

The Drudge headline is rather amusing: KERRY DAUGHTER SHOWS CANNES!

My guess is the Bush twins won’t be displaying their “twins” in a similar fashion.

Update: Mickey Kaus thinks Kerry is “writing off the South” by allowing his daughter to go out looking like that. Given that she’s 30, I’m not sure she consults her dad in her warddrobe decisions. Plus, that outfit would go over quite well with trailer park swing voters.

Ogged thinks the translucence is an optical illusion that occurs when black dresses and flash photography mix. He provides some interesting photos of Winona Rider to illustrate this point. Update: Bill Wallo wonders if a director debuting her film at Cannes wouldn’t be expected to understand how camera lighting works.

Update: I predict that a very good joke involving the term “flip-flop” will come of this incident.

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  1. Paul says:

    That was funny…

    After you click the link to read the extended entry, the link changes to read:

    “Nothing more to see here”

    I’ll say.

  2. McGehee says:

    She’s got her father’s looks.


  3. JW says:

    Bleah! Buy a bra or something–yeesh.

  4. Is this verified as an actual photo? In the age of photoshop, I find myself an immediate skeptic of all images.

  5. tee bee says:

    nah, those are nothing to brag about, so I’d say they’re not shopped. er, not photoshopped, that is.

  6. Beavis says:

    The two different versions of this photo, opened in photoshop at 4x, can clearly be seen to be faked.

  7. Rtfm says:

    …Kerry’s other Flip Flops.

  8. Uh, Beavis, you are aware that the use of JPEG compression inherently creates the appearance of artifacts in perfectly legit photos, right? This particularly happens when photographers decompress then recompress JPEGs over and over again, instead of keeping an original, non-lossy version (TIFF, PNG, etc.) that they only compress once.

  9. Attila Girl says:

    She’s got a lovely figure. And I suspect she got dressed in different lighting situations than she found herself in on the red carpet.

  10. James Joyner says:


    Their comments have been deleted.