American Dean Sadek Kidnapped

Iraq Group Says Kidnaps American Man -Jazeera TV (Reuters)

Iraqi insurgents have kidnapped an American who works as a manager at Baghdad airport, Al Jazeera television said on Friday. The Arabic channel showed TV footage of the man in a video it said it received from his kidnappers, the 1920 Revolution Brigades, a group which has previously kidnapped foreigners working with U.S. forces. Al Jazeera said the man was of Lebanese origin. In the video he was holding papers identifying him as Dean Sadek. “He asked all foreign contractors who cooperate with the company he works for to stop dealing with it,” the channel said, describing him as “manager of the Baghdad airport building.” Al Jazeera did not mention any specific threat against Sadek, who it said worked for a company called “Sky Link.”

Unlike some previous videos of kidnappings in Iraq, no militants appeared in the background. Militants, bent on evicting foreign forces from Iraq, have kidnapped hundreds of Iraqis and foreigners in recent months. Some have been freed while at least 35 foreigners have been killed.

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