Israeli Ground Offensive Underway

What comes next is anyone’s guess.

Does Comedy Have to be Based on Truth?

Hasan Minhaj is a serial liar. Does it matter?

France’s Crackdown on Religious Garb Expands

The abaya is now banned as well.

CNN Loses to Newsmax?!

Did the Trump stunt backfire? Or just an anomaly?

Turkey the Country Now Türkiye (Bird Still Turkey)

Our ostensible ally is seeking to rebrand itself.

Ukraine Updates

Links and infographics.

Donald Rumsfeld, 1932-2021

He was both the youngest and oldest man to run the Pentagon.

Seymour Hersh’s Osama Bin Laden Claims Don’t Pass The Smell Test

Seymour Hersh is out with a conspiracy theory about the death of Osama bin Laden that just doesn’t make sense.

Saudi King Salman Shakes Up Royal Family Succession

Saudi Arabia’s new King has shaken up the Royal Family, and that could have interesting results.

US Ground Troops Fighting ISIL

The ground troops that United States has not sent into Iraq to fight ISIL are reportedly in Iraq fighting ISIL.

Lawyers For Gitmo Detainees Using Hobby Lobby To Argue For Expanded Religious Freedoms

Political irony, perhaps, but probably less than meets the eye.

Swiss Report Supports Theory Yasser Arafat Was Poisoned, But Doesn’t Prove It

Was Arafat poisoned? A new report raises some questions, but answers none of them conclusively.

David Frost Dead at 74

The pioneering journalist David Frost has died, aged 74 years.

Al Jazeera America’s Inauspicious Debut

Al Jazeera debuted its American broadcast Tuesday. Fewer Americans have access to Al Jazeera than they did Monday.

18 bodies in the past 30 minutes in the #MartyrRoom in the #Rabaa makeshift hospital! Not including other hospitals 18 bodies in the past 30 minutes in the #MartyrRoom in the #Rabaa makeshift hospital! Not including other hospitals

Egyptian Government Massacres More Peaceful Protestors

The US backed Egyptian government is massacring supporters of the ousted democratically elected government.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Camelbunga Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Al Jazeera Buys Al Gore’s Current TV

Arab news giant Al-Jazeera is buying Al Gore’s failing Current TV network, hoping to get a bigger presence in the US cable market.

U.S. Ambassador To Libya Dead, U.S. Embassy In Cairo Attacked, In Protests Over Obscure Film

A day of protests over a film nobody has ever heard of has lead to the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

Was Yasser Arafat Murdered?

A nine month Al Jazeera investigations indicates that poison may have played a role in Yasser Arafat’s 2004 death.

American Soldier Kills At Least 15 Afghan Civilians

A tragic incident in Afghanistan that’s likely to have tragic consequences.

Protesters Once Again Clash With Police In Tahrir Square

The protesters have returned to Tahrir Square, and so has the violence.

BBC Reports: Gaddifi Captured

The BBC is reporting that rebels claim to have captured the ousted leader of Libya.

Palestinians To Go Forward With U.N. Statehood Resolution

Foolishly, the Palestinians are going forward with their effort to get Palestinian statehood recognized by the United Nations.

Libya Fight Reaches Tripoli

After months of fits and starts, it appears anti-Gaddafi forces are on the verge of victory.

Is the Syrian Military Fracturing?

It appears that the Syrian military is starting to fracture. Exactly how widespread this is remains to be seen.

Twitter As Breaking News Source

Sunday’s announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden was the latest example of how Twitter has become the go-to source for “Breaking News.”

Blame The Afghan Rioters For Murder, But Condemn The Demagogues Too

The only people responsible for the murders in Afghanistan are the people who committed them, but the demagogues like Terry Jones deserve condemnation as well.

Libyan Rebels Running Out Of Steam Again?

As allied involvement in Libya’s civil war increases, there are signs that the rebels may not be able to close the deal.

Gaddafi’s Days Numbered?

There are a number of signs coming out of Libya that indicate the regime is in serious trouble despite the willingness of the state to use violence on the crowds.