OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Camelbunga Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Camelbunga Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.




First: RGardner – As Allah is my witness, I thought Turks could fly (Oh the Humanity – rodney)

Second: stonetools – Paul Atreides has some fun. (“Muad’Dib” – rodney)

Third: Tillman – Early modern era reports of Arabs possessing “flying” carpets were greatly exaggerated.


OzarkHillbilly – Vail CO tries to adapt to the new warmer global reality.

Kevin WhalenThe 2015 Park City ski brochure, according to Al Jazeera’s top science expert, Al Gore.

Herb – Toldja hoverboards were real.

John BurgessMazen Abu Fly demonstrates the cross-country abilities of the Seif al-Dawla Hoverboard[TM].

Robert W. ArmijoMarty McFly, while on his hover board: “Doc, can you hear me?! You sent me too far Back into the Future! I’m just about to meet up with those Libyan terrorists that were after you – Oh crap, so that’s how it all started.”

orbitupFarooq celebrates the possible upcoming US gun confiscation.


Ships of the desert, my arse.

Marvel Comics fans soundly reject the Sufi Surfer replacement of the Silver Surfer.

Marzuq McFly on hoverboard in ‘Bactrian To The Future, Part IV’

Except for the occasional Tusken Raider attack the sand boarding events proceeded without incident.

The Monday Contest already knows who’s naughty and who’s nice.

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