Amusing: John Roberts is NOT a Member of the Federalist Society

Funny that everybody claims he is (kos–okay actually a commenter, a commenter at Washington Monthly, the Washington Post,, NewsMax, etc.).

Everybody update your talking points.

Update: Here is a better Kos link that claims Roberts is a member of the Federalist Society. And here is the Washington Post article on the mistake.

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  1. bryan says:

    Rush Limbaugh mentioned the Federalist Society thing Wednesday.

  2. Well crap.

  3. McGehee says:

    There’s still time for him to join.

  4. Steve Verdon says:


    I know, just about everybody has it wrong. I think everybody just assumed it, printed it and thus verified each others (false) assumption.

  5. Anderson says:

    O ye credulous fools! Know ye not that Roberts is a member of the Double Super Secret Federalist Ring of Nine, who only meet each Walpurgisnacht in odd-numbered years?

    But no, you have to fall for this blatant cover story. What next? You’ll believe Valerie Plame wasn’t covert? (Oh, wait, y’all DO believe that ….)

  6. McGehee says:

    That’s it, Anderson! Embrace you inner moonbat! 😉

  7. McGehee says:

    That’s it, Anderson! Embrace your inner moonbat! 😉