An Interview With Shimon Peres (Video)

Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres was on Hardball tonight to discuss the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. It was an excellent interview because Peres really put this conflict into its proper perspective. For example, here’s a taste of Peres on Hezbollah:

They’re fanatics. They serve the Iranians. They destroy Lebanon. And the Prime Minister of Lebanon should address himself to them, not to us. We have nothing to ask from Lebanon. We would like to live in peace with Lebanon. We would like to see and independent, prosperous Lebanon, multinational, multireligious. They’re an excellent candidate to be a good neighbor.

But even more noteworthy, in expressing his gratitude towards the United States, Peres explains the greater context of this conflict:

[We have] the highest respect and thanks to the Americans for their position, for their support, for their understanding. We know how difficult it is to fight terrorism, whether it’s in America itself, or in Iraq, or elsewhere. It’s not a simple proposition. But we have to fight and we have to win and we shall win, all of us, because we represent a responsible future for every person on Earth to remain free and secure.


UPDATE: Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes struck a Hezbollah bunker thought to be in use by the organizations leaders with 20 tons of bombs tonight but, according to Hezbollah, no “senior organization leaders” were killed.

And here at home, LGF has a couple photos of protesters that took to the street in New York and Dearborn, MI in support of Hezbollah with some “interesting” captioning by al-Reuters and the Associated Press.

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