The ‘Outside Agitator’ Trope

It’s been around for a very long time.

Terry Anderson, center, accompanied by his sister Peggy Say, left, and Madeleine Bassil, right, in Germany, Dec. 5, 1991. (AP Photo/Thomas Kienzle, File) Terry Anderson, center, accompanied by his sister Peggy Say, left, and Madeleine Bassil, right, in Germany, Dec. 5, 1991. (AP Photo/Thomas Kienzle, File)

Terry Anderson, 1947-2024

The AP journalist taken hostage for almost seven years has died.

Louis Gossett Jr., 1936-2024

A legendary actor is gone at 87.

Senator Joe Lieberman, 1942-2024

The 2000 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee turned maverick is gone at 82.

Francis Scott Key Bridge Disaster

Some interesting tidbits.

Trump’s Routine Outrages

When being despicable is normal, is it still news?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden portrait style Donald Trump and Joe Biden portrait style

Biden and Trump Secure Their Party Nominations

The inevitable is all but official.

LaPierre’s Grift

Trump’s Mounting Legal Bills

He owes over half a billion so far. That creates significant conflicts of interest.

This is How Fascists Behave

Force and order.

Toby Keith, 1961-2024

The country music singer was 62.

Russia’s Continued Cheating in International Sports

The sad joke continues.

Iranian Proxies Kill Three American Soldiers

Further escalation is inevitable.

Trump and Biden Win New Hampshire!

Shockingly, both “incumbents” are going to win their party’s 2024 nominations.

Nick Saban Retires

The greatest coach in college football history is hanging it up.

Foreign Policy Tops American Priorities!

A misleading survey result.

Mickey Mouse Entering Public Domain (Sort Of)

Steamboat Willie is about to be ripe for exploitation.

Republicans Start Biden Impeachment Inquiry

A shameful farce.

UN General Secretary Calls for Gaza Cease-Fire

Article 99 meets Catch-22.

College Football Playoff Chaos

The four-team Playoff will go out making a lot of folks mad.

Israel Presses On Amid Calls for Ceasefire

Hamas continues to cynically manipulate the world’s humanitarian impulses.

Biden Is Old and Feeble, Says Old, Feeble Man

Trump is making verbal gaffes while making fun of Biden’s verbal gaffes.

Squaring the Circle on the Israel-Gaza War

Outsiders seem to want the impossible.

Dianne Feinstein, 1933-2023

A trailblazer is gone at 90.

Deutschland Unter Alles

Germany’s economy is among the worst in the OECD.

Bill Richardson, 1947-2023

The longtime politician and statesman is gone at 75.

Et tu, Lexington?

The Economist joins the “Biden is too old” bandwagon.

More Stupid Poll Tricks

Corrupt and crazy versus old and confused.

Republicans Repudiated in Ohio

Another example of the power of the abortion issue.

Feds Settle Claim Against Former Vice Chairman

The taxpayers shelled out nearly $1 million for . . . something.


The President is trying to change perceptions ahead of the election.

Yet Another Example of the Weakness of US Parties

The parties do not control their labels.

PGA, LIV, and World Tour Merging

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS

Oath Keepers Founder Sentenced to 18 Years

The stiffest punishment yet for a January 6 seditionist.

Transphobic Cruelty

When prejudice overrides simple humanity.

China Calling in its Loans to Poor Countries

Debt-trap diplomacy has finally come home to roost.

Heather Armstrong, 1975-2023

The mommy blogger known as “Dooce” has taken her own life.

Republicans and Democratic Backsliding

When winning is the only acceptable outcome.

Reporter Fired for Calling DeSantis Propaganda ‘Propaganda’

Truth is not an absolute defense against termination.

Patricia Schroeder, 1940-2023

The trailblazing Congresswoman is gone at 82.

Robert Blake, 1933-2023

The Baretta actor and acquitted murderer is dead at 89.

Trump Grand Jury Recommended ‘Multiple Indictments’

The jury forewoman is offering hints.

Pence Subpoenaed by Trump Special Counsel

An aggressive but expected move.

Turkey-Syria Quake Kills 1300+

A natural disaster has compounded a man-made one.

Jupiter Keeps Adding Moons!

The science-education gap.

Lackadaisical Handling of Secrets by Top Officials

It’s becoming a sad joke.

Pelé, 1940-2022

The soccer legend has passed at 82.

Richard Shelby and the Old Senate

“You can’t be against everything.”

AP Fires Reporter For Reporting

James LaPorta is being scapegoated for poor editorial process.