Anne Frank On Film

The Atlantic passes along an interesting historical memento, the only known surviving footage of Anne Frank:

On July 22, 1941, a woman who lived on the second floor of Merwedeplein 39, Amsterdam, celebrated her wedding. Looking on from the balcony next door, was a 12-year-old Anne Frank.

She flickers onto the screen for just a few brief seconds. She looks around, turns to shout to someone inside, and returns her gaze to the scene below.

Today would have been Frank’s 84th birthday.

Update: Incidentally, Frank and her family did not go into hiding until July 1942, just under a year after this film was taken.

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  1. ernieyeball says:

    How do we know that is her?

  2. @ernieyeball:

    Museum officials have apparently verified it

  3. the Q says:

    One of the truly moving experieces is to be in the attic and see the markings on the wall of her height during the time spent there.