Another Insider Attack In Afghanistan Leaves Two Americans Dead

There has been a lull in so-called “Green on Blue” attacks in Afghanistan recently, but that came to an end today:

KABUL, Afghanistan — A member of the Afghan intelligence service detonated a suicide vest Saturday, killing two Americans and four Afghan intelligence agency colleagues, Afghan and international officials said Monday.

Also on Monday, Afghan officials charged that a coalition strike against a Taliban target had killed three young children — two boys and a girl — from one family over the weekend.

The suicide attack on Saturday morning occurred when a delegation including American coalition members and several members of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security arrived to deliver new furniture to the intelligence office in the Maruf district, a remote area of Kandahar Province, according to local Afghan officials.

The attacker, wearing a suicide vest beneath his intelligence service uniform, detonated his bomb shortly after the delegation arrived, killing a former American military officer and an American soldier. The bombing also killed Ghulam Rasool, the deputy intelligence director for Kandahar Province, two of his bodyguards and another Afghan intelligence employee, and set in motion a revenge killing.

Insider attacks have become more common, and have caused about 15 percent of the deaths of coalition troops this year.

This insider attack was the first this year by an intelligence service employee, possibly a guard, to result in the death of international service members, Maj. Martyn Crighton, a spokesman for the international joint command, said.

There have been, however, many insider attacks resulting only in the deaths of Afghan service members, and statistics were not available on whether any of those involved members of the intelligence force, known here as the N.D.S.

Generally the intelligence service is thought to vet its employees more thoroughly than do the Afghan Army and the police, which have far more employees.

Apparently, that thought was untrue.

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  1. grumpy realist says:

    Can someone explain to me why we are in Afghanistan again?

  2. mike says:

    One of two reasons at this point : (1) To make them a democracy and a future ally (2) try to exit and save face as much as possible at the same time

  3. Tillman says:

    It’s too bad we live in an age of placing a high value on human lives. Otherwise I imagine we would’ve gone Genghis Khan on the Afghans and started stacking piles of skulls every time this sort of shit happens.

  4. mari nette says:

    the war in afghanistan is till not over. i have a friend, a british under the US army… it haunts me if i dont know his whereabouts… could anybody please tell me where my friend is??? his name is bryan dillon… i am too worried sick, having sleepless nights, hoping he responds to my emails… thank you.