Bill Quick takes issue with the description of Iraqis firing AK-47s as “demonstrators” musing,

I wonder what this pathetic AP moron would have called a mob of people in, oh, Houston, Texas, armed with AK-47s. Protestors? Demonstrators?


He also generates an remarkable number of comments from his posting of the latest Day by Day cartoon.

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  1. Ryan says:

    It seems quite common for Arab protests to involve a bit of gun-waving. And it’s the US army’s word against the eye witnesses, in terms of who fired first. Do you not think killing 13 and injuring 70 seems like something that could have been avoided?
    (“look, there’s an angry bunch of protesters who want us out of their country. Let’s not go near them wearing uniforms and guns, but instead go somewhere else. Perhaps survey them from a distance and try not to piss them off.”)