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Dale Franks of QandO asks Oliver Willis what should be done now about Iraq.

Oliver Willis answers.

My comments about the dialogue here.

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  1. Tlaloc says:

    A lot of us on the left have been saying the exact same stuff Oliver Willis said, and were putting forth perfectly cogent arguments against this mess (many of which proved prophetic) in the first place.

    I guess the question is why so few on the right were willing to listen to us and so willing to listen to the Rummsfeld’s and the Wolfwitz’s who knew nothing about what was going on and what would happen.


    And more importantly- who will you listen to next time?

  2. spencer says:

    what we have been doing is clearly not working.

    OK, Bush says to try the “surge”. But all the surge is is sending more US troops to replace the coalition troops that have left. The surge does not actually increase the number of coalition troops in Iraq.

    So what we are doing is not working and the new response is to do more of the same.

    Tell me why that makes so much sense.