At Least 10 Dead After Explosions In Mumbai, India

An apparent terrorist attack in one of the world’s most populous cities:

At least ten people were killed and 100 injured after three explosions hit India’s business capital of Mumbai, the city’s police chief told Indian television

The chief added that the death toll could be even higher, as reports were still coming in.

Delhi-based TV station NDTV also reported thatIndia officials had confirmed terrorists were behind the attacks.

An official at the city’s police control room said one blast was at a bus stop in the crowded neighborhood of Dadar in central Mumbai.

The others were at the famed jewelry market, Jhaveri Bazaar, and the busy business district of Opera House.

NDTV said there were reports that six people had died in the blast in Dadar with a further four in the bazaar blast.

India’s home secretary confirmed said at least 100 people were wounded in the near-simultaneous blasts, Reuters reported.

No claim of responsibility but,given the previous attacks in Mumbai it’s probably not too hard to figure that out.

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