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Of Vin Diesel’s XXX, we have this nugget:

“French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) also weighed in with his opinion of the blockbuster 2002 film. “They spent the entire film shooting at Europeans. That cannot be tolerated.”

Also, we have this announcement:

“The United States will go it alone,” commented White House Spokesperson Ari Fleischer. “Also acting unilaterally in this action will be the allies of the United States, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Afghanistan, Slovakia, Egypt, Bahrain, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Guinea, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Cameroon, Ireland, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Japan, and New Zealand.” “The President is a cowboy,” explained Fleischer. “He likes to do things his way, by himself. That’s why he and thirty-seven other nations are going to act unilaterally together to disarm Saddam Hussein.”


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