BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Stuart Taylor (via RCP) has a rather profound analysis of How Free-Riding French, Germans Risk Nuclear Anarchy. He outlines what would happen if the anti-war crowd got its way, pointing out that the most staunch critics would be hurt far more than the US:

How would the French, Germans, Arabs, South Koreans, Chinese and other America-bashers like that? It would be only a matter of time until Iraq or Iran, or both, took over the entire Persian Gulf region. That would send oil prices to unprecedented levels and drag European, Arab, African and Asian economies into recession or depression — and it would mean the bloody subjugation of the region’s Arab peoples. Islamist terrorists, bent on destroying Western civilization, would find it far easier to attack targets in Europe than in the newly fortified United States. With North Korea’s million-man army poised to sweep through Seoul and beyond, South Korea would face blackmail to unite on terms dictated by the North’s Stalinist regime. China would soon find itself facing two nearby nuclear threats, as Japan would rapidly go nuclear to defend itself against North Korea.

Read it all.

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