Beltway Traffic Jam

Heavy-by-local-standards snow threatens an especially wonderful Christmastime Beltway traffic jam in the morning.

In the meantime, here’s the daily linkfest:

  • Dorkafork encapsulates the War on Christmas with a classic photo.
  • Keith Taylor is trying to raise money for something really, really stupid.
  • Leopold Stotch notes a glaring omission in a student paper.
  • Venomous Kate‘s new fangs are in.
  • Julia Montgomery explains why girls with big asses shouldn’t wear orange mittens.

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James Joyner
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  1. New Urbanist Land Grab Begins in Mississippi

    It seems as if the land grab is in full swing on Mississippi’s hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast as the “Mississippi Renewal” project is starting to survey land and implement the plans concocted by a group of New Urbanists last October.

  2. Announcing the Finalists for 2005’s Terrorist of the Year Award

    In no particular order …… The Islamokazis who kidnapped some peace creeps are forcing them at gunpoint to call for Bush to end the war …. A truck filled with masked militants and homemade weapons exploded at a Hamas rally …..

  3. RussBlog says:

    Post details: On Media & Miltary Strategy

    Anybody remember the first gulf war? I do. Six months of buildup, and every single day the news reporters were telling us what a horrible bloodbath it was going to be. It was the fourth largest army in the world. They were well trained, with high-tech …

  4. sortapundit says:

    Hey, it’s not stupid.

    OK, OK, it’s the most ridiculous fundraising campaign I’ve ever taken part in. But f*ck it, we’ll have a good time.

  5. I wish you well in your return to your abode. I too will have to deal with panicked Maryland drivers. Either them or the morons who have SUVs/trucks who think “Hey, I’ve got 4 wheel drive! I can go as fast as I want in whatever conditions!” I saw some nasty wrecks on I-70 – on my way back here from Pennsylvania Saturday night. All involved trucks.

  6. A circus but don’t forget Tiffany Eunick

    Tiffany Eunick should finally get justice. She is the real victim in this case.

  7. A miracle in Tallahassee?

    When legislation directly affects legislators cynicism boils to the top. How will this law benefit them? I’m hoping to be wrong for a chnage. Time will tell.

  8. You Have Been Warned

    Fellow Washingtonians, abandon your cars now.

  9. From Russia To Iran Via Gore

    A decade ago, Al Gore was making a secret deal with a Russian “gangster” that would allow Russia to sell hi-tech missiles to Iran, which might prevent us from taking out Iranian nukes (should we need to).

  10. Vote for Conservative Outpost!

    And now a brief time out for some self promotion…. Vote for Conservative Outpost in the Weblog Awards Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. ****** Outside the Beltway…