Even with a lot of people on holiday break, DC area traffic is rough. Various vehicles breaking down and people clogging up the lane by trying to cheat the system don’t help.

The daily links:

  • Dodd Harris had dinner with Susanna Cornett and Brent of The Ville.
  • Erick Erickson sees a culinary connection to the Iranian earthquake.
  • Venomous Kate is looking for some skin.
  • Jay Solo has pics of his vacation in Monterey. (Thankfully, no nudity is involved.)
  • Eric the Viking has an interesting Election ’04 game.

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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. jen says:

    Wow! Links in the Jam two days in a row. Thanks, Dr. Joyner.