Beltway Traffic Jam

The last linkfest of the week:

  • Venomous Kate notes that she is female. I, of course, didn’t notice because that would be wrong.
  • The sexist pig Kevin Aylward is offering to sell photographs exploiting some poor person forced by the patriarchy to advertise herself as “Hot Abercrombie Chick.”
  • Joe Katzman continues to perpetuate the stereotype that only males are knowledgable about war.
  • Kevin Drum gives unwarranted publicity to Larry Flynt, who forces persons of gender to appear nude in magazines for money.
  • Barry Ritholtz notes that all Bull markets aren’t alike. He doesn’t explain why we don’t alternate between Bull and Cow to be avoid the incorrect impression that only males of the bovine species understand finances.
  • Rosemary Esmay has been reduced to offering photographs of her “rack” for $10. And some man-person named “Jim” gets the money.

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  1. Heh. Heh heh. Heheheheheheheheheh.

    God, I love your sense of humor!

  2. Bulls have horns which can gore; Bears have teeth and claws. Both can kill. Hence, the graphic imagery depicting the fierce battle between supply and demand, between mighty Bull and ferocious Bear in the jugles of Wall Street..

    Cows . . . Cows . . . Well, Cows stand around the field, chewing their cud, waiting to be either milked or slaughtered.

    Hardly a suitable iconagraphy for the stock markets.

  3. Teri says:

    Oooh, I’m going to go out on a limb here – I thought the point was that bulls charge forward and bears hibernate?

  4. I’ve heard it said that the Bulls goring motion is a move ups — lowered head thrusted upwards towards its target — while a Bear strikes downwards — picture a grizzly, reared up on his hind legs, swiping downwards with claws . . .