Biden: This May Not Be The Last Time I Vote For Myself

Vice-President Biden voted this morning in Delaware and seemingly couldn’t resist keeping the 2016 speculation alive:

(CNN) – Vice President Joe Biden further fanned the flames of speculation Tuesday over a possible 2016 presidential bid.

While he was leaving a Delaware polling booth, Biden was asked whether it was the last time he’d cast a ballot for himself.

“No, I don’t think so,” he replied, smiling.

The vice president voted with his wife, Jill, Tuesday morning shortly after 7 a.m. ET at Alexis I. DuPont High School in Greenville. Biden represented Delaware as a U.S. senator for 36 years before becoming President Barack Obama’s number two.

A third round of Joe Biden for President? Stranger things have happened.

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  1. Tsar Nicholas says:

    It’s the aneurysms talking again. No matter what happens today Biden’s long 15 minutes pretty much already have expired.

    If Romney wins then in ’16 it’ll either be Romney vs. nobody (if the economy has in the interim turned around) or Romney vs. Obama II, I would surmise, if the economy still is in the crapper. Or maybe Romney vs. Hillary. Or I guess Romney vs. Cuomo.

    If Obama wins then it’ll be either Hillary or Cuomo vs. Ryan, or Hillary or Cuomo vs. whichever GOP governor or Senator managed to get through that inevitable insane clown posse circus show.

  2. He just meant he has a long day of voter fraud ahead of him. 😉

  3. Barfour says:

    If Obama wins, it’ll most likely be Hilary vs Jeb Bush in 2016. If Romney wins, it will be Romney vs someone, likely, Clinton. It wont be Biden.

  4. James Joyner says:

    @Barfour: Unless we take Hillary at her word and she doesn’t run. It’s possible that she’s telling the truth.

  5. Clivesl says:

    Or Joe might just be talking about going back to the Senate.