BREAKING: Israel Strikes Palestinian Foreign Ministry

Via The Washington Post/AP:

A bomb dropped by an Israeli warplane destroyed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry building in Gaza City early Thursday, witnesses said.

The bomb collapsed the building and caused widespread destruction in the area. The Palestinian foreign minister is Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar.

The Israeli military had no immediate comment.

At least three people were wounded in the strike, which took place after 1:30 a.m. The injured were in neighboring buildings, and it was not known if anyone was in the ministry at the time. Ambulances and rescue services were racing to the scene.

Houses and cars in the area were badly damaged by the force of the blast, and the third and fourth floors of the foreign ministry building were destroyed.

Israel has been waging a two-week offensive in Gaza after Hamas-linked militants carried out a cross-border raid, killing two Israeli soldiers and capturing a third. Early Wednesday, an Israeli aircraft dropped a quarter-ton bomb on a house in Gaza City where Hamas commanders were meeting, killing nine members of a family.

Earlier this month Israeli warplanes attacked the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry twice, causing considerable damage.

I think it’s pretty safe to say now that we’ve got a war on our hands.

UPDATE: The JPost is reporting that an emergency session of the Israeli cabinet had an “atmosphere” of war.

UPDATE: Minister Issac Herzog: “This is a new situation. The citizens of Israel need to know that we are entering a period that would require resilience.”

UPDATE: LGF reports that Mohammed Deif, a master bombmaker for Hamas, “was almost sent to meet Allah” in an earlier airstrike by Israel today.



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  1. Just Me says:

    Sounds like appeals for diplomacy are gonna fall on deaf ears in Israel.

    Looks like Israel has opted for war.

  2. G A Phillips says:

    Yeah deaf ears, you mean from all the rocket and bomb-belt blasts?

  3. Fersboo says:

    Looks like Israel has opted for war.

    Yeah, just like the unarmed man, held at gunpoint, and the bad guy says, ‘Your money or your life’, and the unarmed man opts to give the bad guy his money.

  4. RiverRat says:

    I think itâ??s pretty safe to say now that weâ??ve got a war on our hands.

    Where the hell have you been sleeping for the last 60 years, or is it 600, or is it 1200?

  5. M. Simon says:

    It won’t be a real war unless they take out Syria.

  6. Herb says:

    One can not help but to admire the Israelis. They have been putting up with those towel heads for 60 years suffering suicide bombers, rockets and anything else the terrorist can think of to kill Israelis. I sure as hell hope they bomb the hell out of Syria and anyone else who aids and supports those terrorist bastards. It’s just to bad that we in the US don’t have the resolve and guts to be just like the Israelis, but instead we have a whole herd of mealy mouth liberals who, just like the French, would rather throw their hands in the air and surrender every ones freedom to satisfy their chicken hearted lust for a liberal control of a government that will support their lazy asses.

  7. Anderson says:

    Another foreign-policy triumph for the Bush administration.

    Said policy makes sense only on the assumption that this is what we were going for. Hey man– nice shot.

  8. G A Phillips says:

    Yo, RiverRat, I think Cain was a Muslim, so its probably more like 9,000 years.

  9. G A Phillips says:

    Anderson what in the great blue hell does “the murdering are bastards finally starting to get get what they deserve” got to do with the Bush foreign policy? I think you might want to get out that Bible you never read And check God’s foreign policy, you can find it under revelations.

  10. Herb says:

    GA Phillips:

    You are in dutch now, Anderson will go into a long winded diatribe referencing a whole host of quotes, speech’s and liberal propaganda about Bush and his failures while citing his own super intelligence on all matters of government including his super intellect on law.

    G.A. But, don’t give it a second thought, after all he is a Bush Hating Liberal” and a super intellect seeking glory and fame here on OTB.