Brewer Explains “Birther Bill” Veto

Via Fox News:  Why Gov. Brewer Vetoed Arizona’s ‘Birther’ Bill: ‘It Serves No Purpose’.

Really, the headline quote says it all.  Click though for a more thorough explanation.

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  1. Oh jeez you guyz, says:

    While I agree with Governor Brewer that the bill serves no purpose, I’m afraid that she is not looking at the larger picture. The birther bill–and the immigration inforcement bill that preceded it–both serve the larger purpose of giving a bunch of crackers the sense that they can regain control of “their country” from all those “foreign influences” who are dstroying it. The fact that their efforts are criticized or rejected by the population fuels their contempt for the conspirators who are leading the attempt to ruin “our ‘murkan way o’ life” and reinforces the vaildity of their belief in the conspiracy.

    A similar situation exists for a friend of mine living in a major city on the left coast. He has lived there for 30 some years, raised a family, contributed to the public good, worked in the legal profession, and served that profession offering continuing education opportunities for lawyers and paralegals for most of that time. When people are talking about him he is still “you know, that guy from [somewhere else].” The birthers are simply an uglier version of the same phenomenon.

  2. Southern Hoosier says:

    In order to have a birther bill, the states would need a standardized birth form, like we have with our driver licenses. That would mean it would be 35 years before the first presidential candidates would come of age that had the standardized birth form

  3. Neil Hudelson says:

    In order to have a birther bill, the states would need a standardized birth form, like we have with our driver licenses

    Drivers licenses are standardized between the states? Or do you mean within each state.