Mike Littwin analyzes President Bush’s controversial remark, which he sees as an interesting litmus test.

OK. When President Bush says, “Bring ’em on,” and he has that look in his eye and that steel in his voice, do you swoon or do you swear?

Meaning, do you run out to buy Ann Coulter’s new book or do you write a check to Howard Dean?

It’s not just a test, it’s a gut check. And it says as much about you as it does about Bush.


Do you see it as empty machismo, Bush at his olive-suited, flight-decked, helmet-tucked-under- the-arm worst?

Or do you see it as a president finally willing to stand up for America, Bush at his it’s-time-to- put-those-cards-on-the-table best?

There are people, I suppose, who don’t have a visceral reaction to Bush, one way or the other. This test isn’t for them. It’s for everyone with a pulse.

Heh. Go read the rest.

(Hat tip: RealClear Politics)

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