BRITS SUPPORT THE WAR. . .SORT OF The Sun has a poll showing 75% of Britons support war with Iraq *IF* it is backed by the UN. This is of course a rather large caveat, since three of five Security Council Permanent Members currently oppose the war–although I still predict the opposition will fall short of a veto.

What really strikes me about this is that the moral case for war is exactly the same regardless of what the UN says. I made this argument in a panel discussion at the International Studies Association’s meeting in Portland this past Sunday and was just amazed that many in the audience didn’t see it that way. These people, most of whom have doctoral degrees, study international relations for a living. They’re supposed to be methodical analysts. And yet they have a near-religious faith in the UN. Granted, most of those arguing the other side were Europeans. But it does speak to the strange, mystical legitimacy that a UN resolution carries. I don’t get it. (link via Reductio ad Absurdum)

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