Bush “Most Fit” President in History

Bush Exercises 6X a Week; “Most-Fit” President in History (Drudge)

President Bush turned 59 years old this month and his health is in the “superior” fitness category for men his age — greater than 99% percentile for 55-59 year-old men!

The latest health results make Bush the “most-fit” president in modern history.

He has not had a sick day in the past year — and he works out 6 days a week: Workouts include bicycling (15-20 miles, 15-18mph), treadmill (low impact “hill-work”), elliptical trainer, free weight resistance training, and stretching.

The President takes a daily multi-vitamin, low-dose aspirin, glucosamine/chondroitin, and an omega 3 supplement.

Bush Weight: 191 pounds(last year 199)

Body Composition: Body fat 15.79% (last year 18.25%; normal for age 16.5-20.5%)

Damn, my numbers are nowhere near his and I haven’t hit 40 yet. Perhaps Budweiser isn’t the panacea I thought it was.

Leopold Stotch
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  1. Bob says:

    We test pilots and bus drivers for drug use. Surely we should also be testing the man in the most important job in America. Did they test for drugs? Were there any? Anybody know?