Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

(AP Photo/Markku Ulander, LEHTIKUVA)

Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. “Open Up, We’re Out Of Oil Of Olay!!!”

  2. “We’re Here For 8 Minute Dating.”

  3. “Is This Boarder Patrol School?”

  4. “No! No! No! I said Al Tilley. The Bum!”

    (Blatantly stolen from The Far Side – and therefore ineligible.)

  5. “Tell Keith Richards To Come On Out, We Wanna Party.”

  6. Dave Schuler says:

    I don’t think I can do better than The Manolo (to whom credit for this belongs):

    “Ragna-Rock ‘N Roll”

  7. “What Do You Mean We’re Not Cool Enough To Be Dixie Chicks Fans?”

  8. Doug says:

    Levees? What Levee�s? We don�t need no Stinking Levee�s!

  9. StevenL. says:

    “Is your daughter ready for the date?”

  10. SgtFluffy says:

    The Wizard of Oz gone horribly wrong

  11. Josh Cohen says:

    “All we wanna do is eat your brains. It’s not unreasonable; I mean, no one’s going to eat your eyes.”

    (From the song “RE: Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton, available for free at

  12. Fersboo says:

    And a Klingon shall lead them.

  13. John Burgess says:

    We, the Congress of the United States of America, will protect our privileges! If you don’t like it, we’ll eat you.

  14. “When we few, we happy few, we band of Elsinore brothers were members of the US Army Rangers in Iraq, we ate the livers of forty Iraqi’s in one night because they didn’t have any fava beans. We were hungry after moving Burnham Wood to High Dunsinane, and when the last bottle of chianti was gone, well…”

  15. FreakyBoy says:

    In the European tradition of venerating David Hasselhoff, Eurovision’s top honors went to a group of overweight, hairy and decaying faux rockers.

  16. Gollum says:

    Lord of the Rings – – The Musical: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s lovesick tribute to Peter Jackson.

  17. Dave Schuler says:

    And here we were, worried about the decay of European civilization. But now that we’ve seen the winners of this year’s Eurovision contest we can see there’s nothing to worry about.

  18. Hodink says:

    The Immigration Bill awaits a bruising battle in the House of Representatives.

  19. Fersboo says:

    What is in your wallet?

  20. FreakyBoy says:

    The pre-airbrushing photos from the Dixie Chicks Time magazine cover photo shoot make the rounds on the internet.

  21. Ingress says:

    International Incubus, the new Simon Cowell contest, held tryouts in prisons across the globe today.

  22. FormerHostage says:

    OK…Madonna’s just gone eff’n bonkers this tour!

  23. Dj Drummond says:

    Hello, Really Extreme Makeover?”

  24. FormerHostage says:

    Nothing more than feeeeeelings…

  25. The Zombie Workers of America rally:

    “What do we want?!”


    “When do we want it?!”


  26. Democrats held a photo op to introduce which mainstream democratic congress people would be conducting any investigations into impeaching Bush.

  27. Scott_T says:

    1) The remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show just didn’t have the same feel as the original with the transvestite being replaced by Kenny Rogers and his bad plastic surgery.

    2) I coulda had a V8!!

    3) (girls voice) … and then a bought 4 chainsaws from Sears, 6 Axes from Lowe’s, and she never knew about it. (announcer) Protect yourself from identify theft with….

  28. Bithead says:

    We’re knights of the round table
    We dance when e’re we’re able
    We do routines and chorus scenes
    With footwork impecc-able
    We dine well here in Camelot
    We eat ham and jam and spam alot

  29. Rodney Dill says:

    (one on left, looking down, into moat)
    “Oooo, look Goldfish!”
    — Farside, Gary Larsen.

  30. Bithead says:

    *- The Few…. The Proud… the Klingon Freestyle Aerobics Team

  31. McGehee says:

    McGehee: “Hey, I used to live in that neighborhood!”

  32. Bithead says:

    The Rolling Stones celebrate the release of their 250th album.

  33. McGehee says:

    (In fact, I think I dated the one in the lower right…)

  34. Bithead says:

    * Welcome to the Hotel California

  35. Bithead says:

    * Some typical Chicago Democrats

  36. Lasting Magic says:

    Governor Bill Richardson daydreamed a trade of this National Guard Unit for any Illegals.

  37. Elmo says:

    Democratic candidates warmup before the broadcast begins, for New Hampshire’s Presidential primary debate.

  38. Elmo says:

    To dream the impossible dream
    To fight the unbeatable foe
    To bear with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the brave dare not go

    To right the unrightable wrong
    To love pure and chaste from afar
    To try when your arms are too weary
    To reach the unreachable star

    This is my quest
    To follow that star
    No matter how hopeless
    No matter how far

  39. FormerHostage says:

    Looks like next year’s American Idol is going to be rather…uh…interesting.

  40. FormerHostage says:

    I see a little silhouetto of a man
    Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the Fandango
    Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening me
    Galileo (Galileo)
    Galileo (Galileo)
    Galileo figaro (Magnifico)…

  41. FormerHostage says:

    Dang it Larry! Stop farting!

  42. Anderson says:

    Around the country, thousands of demons protested the Bush Administration’s proposal to build a wall between Hell and the United States.

  43. McCain says:

    They say that Washington politicians often lose touch with the American people.

  44. McCain says:

    Radio Free Fred, Charles Austin, Bithead, McGehee, and Spacemonkey rush to enter another photo caption contest.

  45. “I Always Look Better When I Wear A Mask.”

  46. gitarfan says:

    All we are saaayying…is give peace a chance!!!

  47. floyd says:

    the local school board gathers to discuss the dangerous threat to the schools posed by the ten commandments.

  48. Mythilt says:

    “Ooooooklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain
    And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet
    When the wind comes right behind the rain.
    Oklahoma, Ev’ry night my honey lamb and I
    Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk
    Makin’ lazy circles in the sky.”

    “O Lord its hard to be humble, when you are perfect in every wayyy”

  49. Scott_T says:

    What was left on the cutting room floor of the next Scope commercial.

  50. Maggie says:

    Image consultants for “Gore – 2008” are doing a “test-market” for the candidate’s “new look”!

  51. DaveD says:

    OK, nothing’s perfect, but you have to admit that nuclear energy DID reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

  52. Timmer says:

    Hanson’s Comeback Tour coming your way, Summer 2006.

  53. Left-to-right: Janeane Garafalo, Helen Thomas, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi pose for the cover of the 2008 Women of the Democratic Party calendar.

  54. Errr… that should’ve been 2007 calendar.

  55. Adjustah says:

    Noone really appreciated this year’s Metallica Christmas special…

  56. “Senator, about the immigration bill, a word please.”

    Born under a bad sign
    With a blue moon in your eyes.
    Woke up this morning,
    Got yourself an axe, ah hah,
    Got yourself an axe.

    There’s never a Beowulf around when you need one.

  57. Forrest Ross says:

    The U.S. Senate – Collective Portrait of Dorian Gray

  58. Ingress says:

    The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will install barriers along the 10-mile stretch of private land in Arizona … right after Happy Hour.

  59. floyd says:

    DaveD; you gotta win!