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Winners will be announced Monday PM

I think we’ll have a long time to pick on Pelosi and her cohorts, but this warhorse needs a fitting farewell first.

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  1. Rachel Edith says:

    “This qualifies as a known known now. But it was an unknown unknown because we didn’t know we didn’t know. Now, we know.”

  2. Donald Rumsfeld Shows Robert Gates The Official “Hi Sign” For Entering And Exiting The Pentagon

  3. stillearly says:

    His first reaction to hearing “Heckuva job, Rummy.”

  4. Ugh says:

    Maybe I am a complete loon.

  5. DaveD says:

    Rummy’s therapist told him that headaches would be the earliest signs to appear after entering the phased withdrawal program.

  6. DaveD says:

    Rummy wipes his brow in relief after realizing there are probably no more viable candidates for the Presidency coming from the Bush family in his lifetime.

  7. Lindy R. Dole says:


  8. Tim Allen Shows Donald Rumsfeld What Not To Do With Gorilla Glue.

  9. Dave Schuler says:

    Donald Rumsfeld lands on his feet with a new job: spokesman for Head On. Apply directly to forehead!

  10. Matt says:

    I can’t believe it’s not victory!

  11. FreakyBoy says:

    As he pats him on the head, President Bush tells Donald Rumsfeld “your a good boy”, and then gently informs him somebody else gets to be quarterback now.

  12. Instead of invading Iraq, I coulda had a V8!

  13. Scott_T says:

    1) After Dubya met with Chuck Norris behind closed doors, Dubya did this to me (smacks his own forehead), then I had a sudden urge to retire, I don’t know why. Proving yet again Chuck Norris’s mystical powers.

    2) And after the polishing of his forehead was done, everyone was shocked to see the Number of the Beast tatoo on his forehead.

    3) Rumsfield carefully applying makeup to conceal his red horns. Hiding them was much easier when he had hair.

  14. Kenny says:

    You’re Shi’iting me!

    You mean the election was LAST Tuesday?

  15. Major S says:

    I coulda had a V8!

  16. Maniakes says:

    [May 2003]
    Occupation and reconstruction? Darn! I knew I’d forgotten something.

  17. Don tried in vain to shove some sense into his thick skull.

  18. Bithead says:


  19. elliot says:

    Photo taken moments after Rumsfeld ‘resigned’ and just before he flipped the ‘finger’ to Dubya.

  20. Phil Smith says:

    The 1001st, and final, Rumsfeld Fighting Style:

    Swan Palm Seppuku.

  21. “Well, since beating me up apparently helps win elections I thought I’d give it a try for 2008.”

  22. Cowboy Blob says:

    A lil Dubya do ya.

  23. 1) Rumsfeld tried to kill all of the Democrats with a swift blow, but none the less, they still prevailed.

    2) Don had to rely on himself to “keep his head up.”

  24. Hermoine says:

    “My most embarassing pleasure? Hmmmmm. Heck, I’m a crossdresser! The press knew. And they were right to look the other way.”

  25. elliot says:

    Hey, Rumsfeld! You’re not fired ..Ha Ha. You’ve just been Punk’d..