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Time for Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

brought to you by Rodney DillTIME MAGAZINE Person Of The Year — 2006

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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  1. Gollum says:

    Well, at least we know she’s still getting leid.

  2. yo says:

    Dude on the left, pointing to photographer:

    “Did you get that? Did you get that? $50! Pay up, byotch! … oh … did you want your pen back?”

  3. This is the face of the democratic party.

  4. I’m just saying that when your posse has a girl wearing a crown, you might want to re-think your posse.

  5. Kenny says:

    Girl in tiara: I’m the most real person here.

  6. When you look at these faces, the self interested liberal dressed all in black, the politician with the so obvious phony smile, the beauty queen who thinks wearing her crown makes her special, the disinterested white guy gazing blankly at the horizon, you see the one face that is keeping it all in the perspective it takes to be president…the kid chewing on the barrier.

  7. Hillary greeted the young activist like a long lost lover.

  8. Initiate genuine surprise look, level two.

  9. Yeah, I’m mayor of Los Angeles and I just goosed Hillary. It’s good to be me.

  10. Look, the guy on the left is Time Magazine’s person of the year.

  11. Hermoine says:

    “You cook? Wonderful! Do you have a favorite vittle recipe for elephants?”

  12. With the endorsement of Smiling Bob (to right in photograph), Clinton adopts the campaign slogan “Erecting a Brighter Future.”

  13. FormerHostage says:

    Hillary panics when she realizes that her garlic necklace fails to repel the *ahem* person of color *ahem* to her left.

  14. Tiara in place, John Edwards wonders why the cameras don’t seem to love him.

  15. Gollum says:

    Purple tie: “Isn’t there ONE person in the Democratic party with good hair?”

  16. Gollum says:

    Villaraigosa believed that if he tried hard not to notice, they just might start kissing.

  17. Gollum says:

    Tall Agent Purple Tie was eventually sent home for accidentally bumping his “weapon” into Miss Los Angeles’ back a few too many times.

  18. Gollum says:

    Hillary: “An INTERNSHIP? Ha! Ha! Not with those lips, sugar.”

  19. FormerHostage says:

    Hillary: “Stop poking me dammit!”

  20. Scott_T says:

    1) Villiarigosa thinking. So is it going to be a 1 scotch or 2 scotch night after seeing Hillary! leid.

    2) Villiarigosa is going to need a whole roll of toilet paper after putting his nose where it doesn’t belong this weekend in LA hoping for futher his Democratic career.

    3) So you know the temperatures were over 90 this day in Greater LA and Hillary! is in town. Was she near Orange County and started the fire with some brimstone thrown from the limo by accident?

  21. Timmer says:

    Hill: Antonella isn’t it?! Bill would love you to take a position on his staff.

  22. McGehee says:

    Introducing the next Used-to-Be-Next-President of the United States.

  23. Scott_T says:

    So if Hillary! comes to LA and brings record heat the following week, and when the Goracle comes to town it sets record lows, if a Hillary!-Gore ticket is elected does that mean the Global Warming theory is null-and-void?

  24. mannning says:

    An orgy at your place? We will all come!

  25. McGehee says:

    “Nice knockers!”

  26. “Me cassa es sue cassa senyoreeta.”

  27. Just in case you were wondering how Andrew Dice Clay had managed to get Hillary Clinton and Antonio Villaraigosa into his VH1 Reality TV Show “Undisputed,” well, now you know. Unbelievable.

  28. We 300 5 are going to to make a stand here at Thermopylae Hollywood to stop Xerxes Rove and his Persian Republican army from destroying everything we I hold dear.

  29. “There’s no basement in the Alamo?”

  30. Helen Mirren looks better every day.

  31. elliot says:

    Why Monica, fancy meeting you here.

  32. elliot says:

    I guess you could say that. “I just got lei’d”

  33. Rodney Dill says:

    As the chest bumping started the cameras closed in.

  34. “Get in my belly!” — Fat Bastard

  35. “You stayed home and baked cookies? That’s amazing!”

  36. “Oh, tell me you had her in the frame when I pinched her bottom.”

  37. Hillary was unable to control her reaction when she recognized Chelsea and suddenly noticed all the new piercings and tribal tattoos.

  38. “Μολών λαβέ”

  39. Dying your roots is all the fashion these days.

  40. As she began shrieking it was to longer possible to deny that one of the pod people had replaced Hillary Clinton.

  41. elliot says:

    Can you find: A Pointer, A Ponderer, A Politician, A Princess, A Photographer, A Perm…A

  42. Bithead says:

    And that afternoon, one of the contestants in the Hillary Clinton look alike contest found out that merely having a crown was insufficient.

  43. Maggie says:

    Clinton: “Shut my mouth and kiss my grits!”

  44. Hodink says:

    “Pander. We are here to pander. I pander. You pander. They pander. Reader, are you pandering?”

  45. Ingress says:

    “Let’s hop in the limo, take the princess to Koi and drop the mayor off at rehab. Then let’s drive the OJ-Simpson-Low-Speed-Chase-Route before we go looky-loo at the OC fire.”

  46. Lionel says:

    In honor of King Kamehameha Day, Senator Clinton gets, “leid”!

  47. elliot says:

    Sure, I can be a guest on American Idol…Ahem…”Devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue dress, devil with the blue dress on”..

  48. Lasting Magic says:

    “Woooo eeeee, Mr. Mayor! Ann Coulter told me you were a faggot but I see that isn’t so.”

  49. Shock and arrrrgggghhhhh.