Caption Contest

Time for Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

(AP Photo/Color China Photo)

Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. DaveD says:

    The computer had no clue what to do next when the data input device suddenly crashed.

  2. DaveD says:

    Lang awaits his return call from Dell tech support.

  3. Bithead says:

    * When these units get lder, the power-saver units tend to cut in, unexpectedly.

    * Another job applicant sharpening his sleeping skills

    * Here’s obviously someone who used to be a SysOp, back in the BBS days.

  4. elliot says:

    Alert…warning…largest tsunami ever heading for Japan…alert

  5. elliot says:

    …and now back to more coverage of the presidential race in the USA.

  6. Dave Schuler says:

    Another tragic victim of the China Syndrome.


    Maintaining the Chinese censorship lists can be exhausting, backbreaking work.


    Our crack support team is eager to assist you with all of your technical support needs, 24/7.

  7. Triumph says:

    Typical liberal immigrant sleeping on the job.

  8. William d'Inger says:

    Mirrors on the ceiling were more stimulating back in college.

  9. Hodink says:

    Being Time’s Man Of The Year was just too much for You.

  10. brainy435 says:

    The Chinese search for an actor to represent Wally in that countries upcoming live-action “Dilbert” movie.

  11. brainy435 says:

    PowerPoint kills again.

  12. Michael says:

    Warning: Windows has performed a fatal error.

  13. Michael says:

    Microsoft announced that the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is now even more realistic.

  14. Michael says:

    New internet program “Spook the Elderly” is this year’s newest killer app.

  15. Michael says:

    Victims of Cyber Terrorism.

  16. floyd says:

    With no labor laws to protect her, this 12 year-old finally succumbs to long hours and low pay!

  17. Alan Kellogg says:

    1. Prepare for an exciting career in Macintosh repair!

    2. When downloading megabyte files on a 14 baud modem relaxation techniques are recommended.

  18. Rodney Dill says:

    Is this the Chinese version of the mac or the pc guy?

  19. physics geek says:

    Beta testing of the new iLaz-E-Boy continues.

    This year’s recipient of the Most Productive French Employee Award.

  20. bdimag says:

    Vista… It’s that good!

    Cyber Terrorism: It’s real, and no one is safe!

    [McAffee logo]
    Internet crime at all time high. Are you protected?

  21. bdimag says:

    or if the graph on the screens is as noticible to everyone else as it is to me:

    Stock market crashes, 13 dead.

  22. Phil Smith says:

    Sadly, Hwang’s Bollinger Bands were too constricting.

  23. McCain says:

    Anyone wonder what Rodney does between caption contests?

  24. Brian says:

    The Good Times virus reappeared today…

  25. dennis says:

    Algores new Inconvienent Trojan Virrus struck China today putting millions to sleep….

    McCain, I think Rodney goes out and actually takes the pictures for his contests.

  26. Cowboy Blob says:

    If you’re insensitive enough to Email pregnancy test results to your patients, have a care to get the address right.

  27. Bithead says:

    John, I TOLD you VISTA wouldn’t work well on those Celerons…

  28. Scott_T says:

    1) What Rodney Dill does between posting his Monday/Thursday Caption contest. Infact that is Rodney Dill.

    2) It was a hard year in Japan at the universities in recruiting new students.

    3) James Joyner at his “spa”.

    4) Isn’t it sad when the lady in the background can knit faster than she can type?

    5) China’s “elite” cyber-terrorist gang.

  29. William d'Inger says:

    CDC outsources Tuberculosis Tracking System.

  30. William d'Inger says:

    1. Talk about bad Feng Shui.

    2. Newly air-conditioned office at Beijing olympic ticket sales is pressed into service during refrigeration failure at city morgue.

  31. MikeM says:

    Amazingly, there was no discernible difference in her ability to pick stocks.

  32. Dreams of life as a daytrader crumbled when Li discovered that even on the information superhighway she STILL couldn’t reach the pedals.

  33. Rodney Dill says:

    “Hello, I’m a Mac.”
    “…and I’m a sleepy”

  34. Hermoine says:

    “We became concerned after three days. Tina said, ‘What’s that smell?'”

  35. Terrence says:

    Unfortunately, Dell’s English-only “Warning: sitting in front of computer screens for extended periods of time may be hazardous to your health” went unnoticed by Wen Li Shu.

  36. Scott_T says:

    1) HP’s Computer Call Center in action!

    2) What happens to you after playing 80 hours of World of Warcraft non-stop.

    3) Yellow Skin: Check; Asleep at the Controls: Check; Drool coming out of his mouth: Check; System going Redline: Check. Must be a promotional poster for “The Simpsons Movie”

  37. Pudge says:

    Realizing the failure of their “just one baby/abort all females” policy,China starts their new compulsory on-line dating service.(Just a tad too late.)

  38. Rachel Edith says:

    “Good day, Butterball Hotline. No use stuffing. That was yesterday. Use rice now. Sticky rice. Prepare in rice cooker. A little salt. H2O. I tell you. Stuffing is out. Rice is in. You no listening! I hanging up now.”

  39. Lindy R. Dole says:

    “Herro — Onstar?”

  40. Rodney Dill says:

    Stock Advice #436: Don’t use a any stockbroker with a name like Harry Dong.

  41. Ingress says:

    “Is Li doing her Elvis impersonation again?”

  42. Bithead says:

    The decision of the local library system to allow pornography on its computers, was a bit much for one patron this morning.

  43. Bithead says:

    * They DO look cutest when they’re sleeping.

    * You’ve heard of “Dances With Wolves”? This guy is “Sleeps With Computer”

    * I’m not sleeping. I’m checking my eyelids for light leaks.

    * looking closer at the computer screen we find that he was reading “Sound Sleeping in 60 Seconds” by Eliza Wake

    * Prince Valium Lives!

    * Bit’s Rule #52: The person who snores loudest will fall asleep first.