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Rodney Dill
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  1. markm says:

    Swiss riot police try to corral an unruly participant in the annual running of the trashcan event, a sister event to Spain’s running of the bulls.

  2. markm says:

    Not wanting to be outdone by their American counterparts, Swiss police in Little L.A. engage a trash can thief in a high speed chase.

  3. Bithead says:

    * I TOLD you we (oof!) shoudla used a (ouch!!!) bigger cage….

  4. elliot says:

    Using extreme measures and departmental resources was an understatement, to say the least. As Tom was caught on Channel 9 news trying to catch his son’s pet hamster. An investigation is under way.

  5. markm says:

    Trash can hooligan: “DON’T TAZE ME BRO!”

  6. Dennis says:

    All we want you to do is take out the trash Bob!

  7. Paul Barnes says:

    You idiot! The game is kick the can.

  8. markm says:

    Bystander: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, RED LIGHT!”

  9. Patrick T. McGuire says:

    The Swiss production of Stomp – the Paramilitary Version didn’t get the reception they had expected.

  10. markm says:

    After seeing all the Rocket Man hoopla last week in the media and blog caption contests, Trash Can Man goes for his 10 seconds of fame.

  11. FormerHostage says:

    Xtreme Monkey in the Middle!

  12. FormerHostage says:

    Noooo they be stealin’ my Bucket!

  13. FormerHostage says:

    Tony Romo’s nightmare!

  14. Hodink says:

    Hillary hires a hit man seen here being apprehended. It is Tonya Harding! (Who has always been skating on thin ice.)

  15. DL says:

    Mercinary guards of the gerbil people surround the intruder who had abscunded with the palace.

  16. DL says:

    The new rage in field hockey begins where the goalie runs with the cage instead of defending it.

  17. Bithead says:

    * The result of getting your parrot to chant “F*** the POLICE!”

    * Police apprehend the man who stole the toilet out of the police station last Tuesday. Until they identified the thief, police had nothing to go on.

  18. utka says:

    Despite all odds, Hillary is still running.

  19. yetanotherjohn says:

    In Obama’s new ‘post racial’ society, thought police chase down a conservative.

    Note to self: Look around before replying “Oh yeah, you and what army?”

    In Texas its one riot, one Ranger. In Switzerland, its one rioter, six policeman.

    Obama and Clinton supporters practice for the Denver convention.

    Its not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    Geneva held their annual running of the pigs this week.

  20. Cowboy Blob says:

    Stand back! I have a hamster! And I’m not afraid to use it!

  21. Kenny says:

    “I told you it isn’t June yet! I’m still in this thing! (Trash can? I can work with that…) I’m staying in to Clean Up America!”

  22. John425 says:

    The last conservative in America falls to the onslaught of the police state- circa 2010 A.D.

  23. G.A.Phillips says:

    The new poster for the GO GREEN recycling campaign is in.

  24. Wyatt Earp says:

    Swiss police begin their version of “Catch the Greased-Up Deaf Guy.”

  25. “Drop the trash can” is the new “drop the piano.”

  26. “They hate these trash cans. Everybody stay away from the trash cans.”

  27. Preparations for Denver 2008 have begun.

  28. The Xbox graphics for Donkey Kong are cool.

  29. I guess any remake of The Third Man will have to come up with something different for Harry Lime to say about the Swiss.

  30. markm says:

    Trash can dude: “Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!”

  31. markm says:

    TCD: “Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough….the tough get goin’! Who’s with me? Let’s go!. AAAAAARRGHHH”

  32. Bithead says:

    * Gee, guys… I mean, it’s only a parking ticket…

    * The L.A. Riots of 1992: Shakka, when the Malls fell

  33. Marvel rejected Litterman as a superhero.

  34. Katie is just out of the frame yelling, “Officers, they’re looting the Food king!”

  35. Jimmy wanted to know how a paolice baton sounded on his steel drum.

  36. Jimmy wanted to know how a police baton sounded on his steel drum.

  37. Run Forrest, run!

  38. MikeM says:

    Using the German judges for the Swiss version of “So You Think You Can Dance” was not a good idea.

  39. Elmo says:

    Season seven of Dancing with the Stars, brought a few format changes, and now continues it’s stay near the top the Nielsen’s.

  40. Elmo says:

    That’s no ordinary rabbit … that’s a most foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on. Look that rabbit got a vicious streak a mile wide, he’s a killer. He’ll do you a treat mate …

  41. DaveD says:

    The security detail gets in some early practice for seating the Michigan and Florida delegates at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

  42. FormerHostage says:

    Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!!

  43. FormerHostage says:

    Heyyyyyy Macarena!

  44. Deathlok says:

    The apprehesion of the suspect was slowed when the gravity suddenly gave out.

  45. Bithead says:

    Even Scotty was never able to keep the anti-grav units in line when Sulu did those warp speed 180’s.

  46. Timmer says:

    It’s not MY fault I make more than you do…get a better union.

  47. John425 says:

    NYT news reporter trying to gather “all the news that’s fit to print”.

  48. Elmo says:

    The last undeclared super-delegate is run to ground.

    Nintendo Wii’s latest videogame release: There’s a Riot Goin On. Flew off store shelves in San Francisco and Berkeley.

  49. Timmer says:

    Cop on the right: Damn, forgot to turn off “noclip.”

  50. Elmo says:

    The summer television replacement season, has its first bonafide breakout hit …. Battle of the Network Stars (using real guns and bullets).

  51. Elmo says:

    Yet another preacher at Trinity, tosses some red meat to the Repubs.

  52. “One More Chance For Nestle’s Quicky Bunny.”

  53. Gollum says:

    Confronted with this photo, Hillary’s campaign acknowledged that her inner circle was “reaching out” to undeclared superdelegates.