Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM


(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. markm says:

    “Okay gang…lets give a warm Clinton “HOWDY” to Crusty the Clown…okay…”H-O-W-D-Y C-R-U-S-T-Y!”.

  2. DL says:

    For the first time since birth, Hillary opens her mouth and nothing came out.

    Hillary just announced she’s moving back to Arkansas to the cheer of the crowd.

  3. DaveD says:

    “Let’s see a show of hands out there from those who think I should stay in the race after November.”

  4. elliot says:


  5. Hodink With The Beatles says:

    You say “Yes”, I say “No”.
    You say “Stop” and I say “Go, go, go”.
    Oh no.
    You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, hello”.

  6. G.A.Phillips says:

    waaahhheyyy, watch were you put that sign!!!!!

  7. FormerHostage says:

    You do the hokey-pokey and you turn it all around…

  8. FormerHostage says:


  9. “I Lost Weight On The Campaign Diet!”

  10. “When a Woman Rants and Raves They Call It Estrogen.”

  11. “Lady Speed Stick Won’t Leave White Marks On Your Clothes!!!!”

  12. Bithead says:

    * Hillary practices for her new job, as a store window maniquin

    * (BBS folks will understand this one) Lemme guess… Blue Wave, right?

    * Boy, I bet I look really hot when I microwave.

    * For the first time in years, she’s using ALL her fingers, not just one

  13. Michael says:
  14. Hal says:

    Hillary recreates John Travolta’s famous dance steps to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive”.

  15. William d'Inger says:

    DNC operatives secretly test Hillary’s insane asylum uniform.

  16. Peacenik says:

    Hey Obama! You may still be in the lead..but as you can see, I’m still here, and ain’t goin’ nowhere man!

  17. Sam says:

    Turn, turn, HIP, turn…..

  18. MstrB says:

    Whitey in the house!

  19. Boyd says:

    “Maybe jazz hands will be enough to win some super-delegates!”

  20. Kenny says:

    This is obviously just another opportunistic aspect of the vast media conspiracy to make her look foolish in still photography. Why —

    Eh. Who are we kidding?

  21. John425 says:

    Howwwwdeeeee, and welcome to the Grand Ol’ Opry!!

  22. Anderson says:

    The pantsuit that killed Yves St. Laurent.

  23. Roger says:

    Mrs. Partridge makes an appearance at a Hillary Clinton campaign stop today…errr…wow, nice pantsuit, Hillary.

  24. brainy435 says:


    Oh, oh, oh oh oh.

    Oh, oh, oh oh.

    Oh, oh, oh oh oh.

    The Wright Stuff.’

    Please God let that catch on.”

  25. anjin-san says:

    Come on baby… do the Locomotion

  26. Paul Barnes says:

    Richard Simmons makeover goes horribly, horribly wrong.

  27. Bithead says:

    * “You can stop waving goodbye. I’m staying.” (BBCT: Herman)

    * C Error #012: printf(“Hello world/n”);

    * The big secret of course is with all the TV lights in her eyes, she couldnt’ see a damn thing.

    *(Pink Floyd) Hello… is there anybody out there….

    * “Hello Miami!!!” “Uh.. Hillary? This is San Juan.” “Close enough”

    * “Hello. My name is Hillary Clinton. You killed my election chances. Prepare to die.”

    * Helloo! Hello! Helloo! Hello! Helloo! Hello! Helloo! Hello! Helloo! Hello! Can we move on to another word now?

  28. markm says:

    “And one last thing…last thing….now that the end is near…I just want to say to my former husband “DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE A$$ ON YOUR WAY OUT!”

  29. Gollum says:

    Yes, we could’ve! Yes, we could’ve! Yes, we could’ve!

  30. Cowboy Blob says:

    What good is sitting alone in your room?
    Come hear the music play.
    Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
    Come to the Cabaret!

  31. elliot says:

    Madame Tussaud’s wax replica of Hillary Clinton was so real, followers gathered around. None of them could not even tell the difference.

  32. MikeM says:

    This IS what it’s all about!

  33. Gollum says:

    She’s Gumby, dammit!

  34. Elmo says:

    And now, the end is pretty dang near;
    And so I face da final curtain.
    My homie, Ill say it clear,
    Ill state my case, of which I be certain.

    I’ve lived a life dat’s full a sheet.
    As Ive raced along to each and evry primary;
    And more, much more than this,
    I did’z it my way

    Regrets, sure Ive had a few;
    But then again, waaay too many to mention.
    I did what I hadda do
    And saw it troo without compunction.

    My strategists planned each charted course;
    Each careful step along the campaign byway,
    But Barry, well he took it away,
    Even though I tried to do it my way.

    Yes, there were times, Im sure y’all knew
    When I bit off more than I could possibly chew.
    But through it all, when there was doubt,
    I ate it up and speet it all out.
    I faced it all … I stood tall, in my Fruit Loops pantsuits,
    And I did it my way.

  35. Elmo says:

    Hi de hi de hi de hi
    Ho de ho de ho de ho
    Hee de hee de hee de hee

  36. Rachel Edith says:

    No more speeches
    Or playbooks
    No more candidate’s
    Dirty looks

  37. I made it! I’m a rock star!

  38. John425 says:

    Hi, I’m Hillary Clinton and nobody wants to recognize me. That’s why I carry the American Express card.

  39. MikeM says:

    I swear on Vince Foster’s grave that I’ll be the most memorable Vice-Presidential nominee in history.

  40. The Insane Clown Posse.

  41. “I’m melting! I’m melting…!”

  42. I hear Spielberg is making Close Encounters of the Third-Party Kind.

  43. It’s just a jump to the left…

  44. Hillary is clearly in the bluest of blue states.

  45. Pip in a pant suit.

  46. “I, for one, welcome our new Obama overlord.”

  47. Elmo says:

    Throw your hands up in the air and wave ’em around like you just don’t care (come on party people/everybody say ho).