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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. DL says:

    After studying the creature for a few minutes PETA decided that not all animals needed protection.

  2. DL says:

    Kimjopui was furious that he didn’t get the CEO position he applied for at Mary Kay Cosmetics!

  3. DL says:

    Getting a toe caught in a giant clam hurts like hell!

  4. DL says:

    The Micronesian tooth fairy shows off his special choppers!

  5. DL says:

    Sumi, the chief tribal bead and shell counter, has been selected by President Bush as the new stealth replacement for Greenspan.

  6. Maggie says:

    Unable to restore New Orleans to its former glory, Mayor Nagin is returning to his roots and will be seeking office in a small village on the African continent.

  7. Lindy R. Dole says:

    While a number of people knew of James’ and Kim’s upcoming nuptials, few knew that Rodney Dill had been asked to preside over the somewhat unorthodox ceremony.

  8. Jim Flack says:

    Don’t worry Mr. Delay, I’ve got your back!

  9. DL says:

    Kofi was more than upset when he heard that E-Bay wouldn’t accept his shells for sale, calling his offer of merchadise a big “shell game!”

  10. DL says:

    Jimboi remained in a foul mood when the USA refused to send him 500 virgins, and vowed he would soon do another Katrina Dance!

  11. DL says:

    “My gourd,” shouted HuFu, “how many shimes must I have shu shell you someshing?”

  12. DL says:

    Ok everybody, grab your partners and allemande left!

  13. Josh Cohen says:

    Dhalsim of Street Fighter II takes a day off to go shell-collecting at a nearby beach. Those extendable arms certainly came in handy.

  14. sgtfluffy says:

    After sensing a disturbance in the Levees, Minister Farrakhan transforms into a “howling Moonbat”

  15. spacemonkey says:

    Grace Jones, not aging well.

  16. Ray Nagin fails badly in his attempt to adapt to life in Dallas.

  17. spacemonkey says:

    “Weekend at Ray Charles'”

  18. Hodink says:

    “That New Orleans flood water done turned me ashy and weird.”

  19. Jufu! I give nine Nahood shells for pair of Ray Bans! White people stupid!

  20. Timmer says:

    Sometime in the future.

    Tom Cruise stepped out of the Dyanetics Headquarters for the first time in 20 years today…declaring he STILL has a need for speed.

  21. Graceie says:

    President Bush Apparently Drinking Again

  22. Anodyne says:

    No trip to Berkeley would be complete without a visit to Telegraph Avenue.

  23. T. Harris says:

    “Daaaaay-oh, day-ay-ay-ay-oh…..”

  24. Ptoomo says:

    Noelle Bush has apparently taken to crystal meth after beating her addiction to Xanax

  25. Maggie says:

    James Carvelle thinks Democrats will have to work harder to keep the black vote in 2006.

  26. Roger says:

    Yes indeed folks, a sure sign that things are getting back to normal in New Orleans.


    We said “bazaar” not “bizarre.”


    Hey Ma! Look! I’m on TV!

  27. bruce says:

    The picture that broke the lid off the torture charges against the military

  28. Plame says:

    Harriet Miers summons a trusted adviser to boost her standing with the Senate

  29. McGehee says:

    Well what do you know — Weekly World News doesn’t make it all up after all.

  30. He nominated Harriet Miers???

  31. JohnnyCarsen says:

    James Joyner wakes up Sunday morning after a long night of drinking and exclaims, “oh, Sh-t, I’m married!?!?!”

  32. leelu says:

    Ms. Miers, a representative from the Reavers for Bush would like to see you.

  33. Scott T says:

    A reject extra from the movie “The Cave” looks at the final box office totals before it was pulled from theaters and laughs.

  34. Karl Maher says:

    Harriet… Harrrriett! You will beg for an editorial conference at National Review when we are finished picking your flesh from your bones, you fobbing hell-hated hedge-pig!

  35. President Bush brings his “shock and awe” strategy to his next Supreme Court pick…

  36. Paul says:

    Got Milk?

  37. LorgSkyegon says:

    Looks like Marion Barry is up for re-election again.

  38. Rob M says:

    After meeting with the White House for 2 weeks, a newly reanimated Arlen Specter announces his full support for Harriet Miers.

    In an unrelated note Karl Rove has just returned from a 2 week fact-finding mission to Haiti

  39. Bachbone says:

    American Express? I left home without it!

  40. dougrc says:

    Terrell Owens has begun to resort to props again to get attention in Philadelphia!

  41. DL says:

    Shorts or briefs?

  42. DL says:

    Kumbabi is hopping mad because he can’t find his shell-phone!

  43. DL says:

    The newly appointed White House press person will only answer questions about Miers in the Gobuli tongue!

  44. David says:

    Minister Farrakhan, gayly decked with carnival beads, leaves New Orleans riding a city-owned split rail. The leader of the special police escort was quoted as saying “Minister Farrakhan is always welcome to our city. We’ll be waiting for him.”

  45. DL says:

    Kumba Kinta upon learning he was outted as a CIA agent by Karl Rove!

  46. The Man says:

    President Bush unveils his next pick for the high court.

  47. Maniakes says:

    No seashells, no shoes, no service.

  48. wheelz says:

    Former Senator Carol Mosley-Braun D-IL was furious when she was refered to as Turkey Leg Tits.

  49. Beldar says:

    Frum, upon hearing of the Miers nomination, immediately recognized that he would need to increase his public visibility to lead an effective punditry war against it. But when his own theatrical make-up cabinet proved inadequate, it was a stroke of brilliance that led him to the large salt-water aquarium in the lobby of his apartment building.

  50. Anna D. says:

    Good luck charms fail, Drezner learns tenure decision.

  51. McGehee says:

    O.J. realizes “the real killer” has been his caddy all along.

  52. Hermoine says:

    Gary Coleman becomes the new pitchman for Haiti.

  53. Rachel Edith says:

    “Oh My God, Dad is on TV! Everyone knows you don’t wear miasma after Labor Day.”

  54. Gaijin Biker says:


  55. Gaijin Biker says:

    Udon… FLAME!

  56. Kenny says:

    My nipples hurt!

  57. yetanotherjohn says:

    Dr. Mgumba Mgowae, an official government economist, expressed outrage when asked if Mugabe’s rule was turning Zimbabwe into a primative economy. Dr. Mgowae noted that Zimbabwe’s future was so bright, he had to wear shades.

  58. physics geek says:

    Bush’s surprise SCOTUS replacement for Harriet Miers invokes the spirits of the US Constitution.

  59. “We’ve found the WMDs! We’ve found the WMDs!!”

  60. DL says:

    No way in hell am I going to let them build a Wal-Mart here!

  61. DL says:

    They’ll have to pry my gourds out of my cold dead hands!

  62. DL says:

    Hide the women! Here comes the UN again!

  63. DL says:

    After five straight puffs on the foi pipe, Koji sings “One Fine Day” from the opera ‘Madam Butterfly” accompanying himself on the gourds and shells.

  64. John says:

    Kofi Annan’s pick as new chief investigator in the oil for food scandal Ooombaga Mumbati goes undercover at the Republican National Committee’s annual meeting looking for a link between George W Bush and Tariq Aziz, in a last ditch attempt to steer the investigation away from the embattled UN chief.

  65. Ingress says:

    After his recent sudden death loss, John Daly has hired a jaunty new caddy.

  66. bithead says:

    That’s the way it is ere on Bourbon street, man… you flash weird boobs, you get weird beads, OK?

  67. … and this is only HALFWAY through fasting for Yom Kippur.

  68. kirbside says:

    auditioning to replace “eddie” as Iron Maiden’s mascot.

  69. Jason Smith says:

    Because they can’t win them, the Democrats have hired a witchdoctor to steal the hearts and minds of voters.

  70. Rorschach says:

    “Help!…….. Can’t…….. breathe……GASP!”

  71. Janet Cunitz says:

    4th runner up in the Nelson Mandela “You ain’t got nothin on me” look alike contest!