Caption Contest

I couldn’t resist using this one for an OTB Caption ContestTM:

Photo Courtesy AP/Palestinian Authority
Write your caption in the comments below.

Winners will be announced early next week.

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James Joyner
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  1. Mark says:

    Thank you Muhammad for agreeing to change my diaper. I am a happy, happy man.

  2. Eric says:

    When Arafat asked them to do the Hora, his advisers began to suspect the end was near.

  3. Michael Angier says:

    Thank Allah they did not make me wear one of the American ORANGE JUMPSUITS.

  4. duke says:

    Yasser Arafat came out today and announced that he has entered into a polygamous gay civil marriage with the Hasan brothers of Gaza. Yazz, as his spouses refer to him, said “We’re going to sue to get our love legimized by the state. If Mohammad had at least 11 wives, why can’t I have a harem, too?”

  5. Tig says:

    To the delight of everyone in attendance, Arafat delivers his yard gnome impression.

  6. Rodney Dill says:

    “Here Yasser, Here is your nice new 3 piece suit for your trip to Paris. The most important part is the fitting of the vest of course, heh, heh!”

  7. IR says:

    Yassir..Yassir…Robert Fisk from the Independent…Sir, could you please put your hands on top of your head again like you did before and pretend you’re a “dick”…My camerman missed it the first time.

  8. Michael says:

    Look John Kerry! Like my “bunny suit”? Only that it comes without a hood. Maybe I’ll borrow yours when I come visit you in the White House.

  9. libs4lunch says:

    Santa Arafat and his bomb making elves.

  10. KipEsquire says:

    And when Yasser-Lou Who went to bed with his cup,
    HE went to the chimney and stuffed the tree up!

  11. Palestinians celebrate the arrival of the new PLO leader following the sudden death of Yasser Arafat. In a sign of good will, biochemist brothers Abdul and Mohammad unveil the “mini-me” clone during Hanukkah.

  12. Mark says:

    Dear Bill,

    Having an excellent time here in Palestine. Almost got killed by an Isreali missle, oopsie! See you soon.

    Your truly,
    The Roaming Gnome

  13. Boyd says:

    Palestinian leaders show off the latest addition to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

  14. Timmy. Tim-may. Ti-mmy. Timmmmmy. Timmy.

  15. Luke says:

    Woo Hoo! We fooled the Israelies. Paris, here we come.

  16. ken says:

    when he dies. what?

  17. dw says:

    It’s Palestine’s #1 comedy, “Weekend at Yasser’s!” The Ramallah Star says, “It’s an Intifada of laughter!” The West Bank Advertiser gives it “5 Jihads!” and raves, “If there’s one movie you’re going to see before you sacrifice yourself in a martyrdom operation against the Zionists, this is it!” Ariel Sharon says, “I hated it! And I eat puppies!” “Weekend at Yasser’s” — in theaters now!

  18. Digger says:

    Arafat greets a coalition of Eminems posse, who bestow him with the gift of a “Homey Hat”. Sir Fat, as he is now known, has accepted an invitation to join the rapper on his next tour.

  19. McGehee says:

    Who knew the president of the Palestinian Authority was really Fred Sanford? “I’m coming, Elizabeth! It’s the big one!”

  20. McGehee says:

    when he dies. what?

    One less…
    Terrorist to appease
    One less…
    Gnome to fry
    One less explode-a-dope
    To pick up after
    You should be happy
    But all you’ll do
    Is cry

    Meanwhile the civilized world will dance and pass out candy.

  21. Rodney Dill says:

    “You know if the Israeli’s bombed us right now (nervous laughter) we’d all be wiped out (nervous laughter) someone thought of that, right? …… What’s that descending whistling sound?”

  22. Rodney Dill says:

    Yasser Arafat never grew tired of the jokes his staff played on him with the Joy Buzzer.

  23. Rodney Dill says:

    DRUDGE BREAKING: Photographic evidence of Arafat wearing John Kerry’s NASA clean suit conclusively proves the Senators collusion with the Palestinians.

  24. Rip Rowan says:

    YA: “I’m getting better!”

    OG: “No you aren’t. You’ll be stone dead in a moment.”

    YA: “I feel happpyyy! I feel … –oooof–”

    OG: “Right. Here’s your ninepence.”

  25. Ryan says:

    At a mall in the West Bank, Satan’s Little Helper takes early Christmas wish lists from Palestinians before his trip to France.

  26. Ryan says:

    At a mall in the West Bank, Mr. Abu Rudeineh (left) tells Satan’s Little Helper that he’d like a healthy new son to replace the one he sent to explode in a Haifa restaurant last month.

  27. Tim says:

    An ailing but game Ringo Starr greets members of the Palestine chapter of the Beatles Fan Club.

  28. I’ve got my pajamas, now where’s my blog?

  29. Hermoine says:

    Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation.

  30. Hermoine says:

    “Tag, you’re it, Yasser.”

  31. Zeke says:

    Dear Mom. While in Paris I went with the boys to a sleep over and guess who ate the first turd…

  32. TJIT says:

    not my caption, shamelessly ripped off from a email I received

    “Weekend at Bernie’s”

  33. Pat says:

    Mush Mush the elder is congratulated by friends and family after succesfully passing gas….

  34. Scott says:

    This isn’t a caption entry…I’m just glad to see I’m not the only one who thought he looked like a garden gnome.