Caption Contest Winners

The I’m Diggin’ It Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(Rebecca Cook/Reuters)


First: LJD – Haunted by bad memories, Ted Kennedy breaks ground on his ‘Fill the Chappaquiddick’ campaign.

Second: DaveD – “Maybe we should’ve followed our first hunch and checked the freezer first.”

Third: walrus – “You know if we do find oil here the Dems will just make us stop and declare it a wildlife refuge.”

Honorable Mention:

Hodink – Ground is broken for the Jeb Bush Presidential Library. Always thinking ahead.

radio free fred – “Here’s What We Found So Far Sir, D.B. Cooper, The Loch Ness Monster, The Lost City Of Atlantis, And A Short Cut To China, But No Jimmy Hoffa.”

walrus – “We’re digging here to find Hoffa? Funny, it doesn’t look like the endzone at Giants Stadium.”

McCain – Agents Maxwell Smart and 99 discover Jimmy Hoffa trapped under the Cone of Silence.

Caliban DarklockParty leaders continue the search for a Democrat who might win in 2008.

Mr. Right“Eureka! We just broke through to the earth’s mantle — at this rate, we should reach Dan Rather’s credibility sometime before lunch tomorrow!”

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Cirque du Soil did not pan out nearly as well as the original Cirque du Soleil.

When the Teamsters needed a fearless leader, they knew exactly where to find him.

Wow look, John Kerry’s Form 180.

(sometimes the truth is funnier than fiction) A local Milford bakery sold thousands of ‘Jimmy Hoffa’ cupcakes, with a ‘dirt’ chocolate crumb topping with a green hand sticking out, during the digging time period.

The The Monday contest is Solid Gold.

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Riding Sun can also stand on his head.

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  1. Thanks Rodney, Hoffa Became Fish Food…Just A Hunch…Don’t Stand Too Close To The Urinals…

  2. McCain says:

    It is immensely satisfying to see that my obscure reference was recognized and honorably mentioned by the esteemed judges of this place.